Andwot Summer 2011 Collection

Bristol’s Andwot freshen things up with a new collection of tees, tanks and crewnecks for Summer, based on four new designs.

First up is the Barber design, a collage of barbershop accessories, available on cranberry or white tees, and a cranberry vest top, all finished with a branded woven label on the bottom right of the shirt. Next is the ‘Ram’s Head’ design, another collage style piece, with two ram’s skulls above what looks like a bicycle wheel – it’s available on white and mint coloured tees. Third up is my favourite of the bunch, the white ‘Star’ T-shirt, which has a similar aesthetic to the Seattle Mariners logo that I’ve always been fond of. The fourth design is a collaborative piece featuring the work of another talented young Bristolian, Colouryum, who’s work will be familiar to anyone who’s picked up am event flyer in and around the Bristol area. It comes again on a white tee, and a heather grey crewneck sweatshirt.

Whilst the collection lacks any overall theme, and is really just a group of designs, it’s another strong release from the brand – through I would liked to have seen more than just the 4 illustrations. Everything you see below is available now, online from Andwot, and in-store at My Yard.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • b

    when your 25 going on 30, and you’ve matured (hopefully) are you sure you want your brand to be called ‘andwot’? That is, if you plan to build a brand as opposed to short term t shirt fame. That being said, I do like the basis of the ‘star’ tee, really nice colours.

  • Rob

    Liking these, the burgandy tee and the grey crewneck are sweet

  • bundem

    they are hipsters and what?


    positive message slogan shirts…so homo.


    Loving these, really strong designs and base colours. Cool brand name too

  • homesweethome

    whats wrong with positive messages? : / does every t-shirt have to have some bad language or praise the devil?? i think these garments are pretty sweet but i agree with “b” the name is slightly stupid

  • Observer

    graphics are dope but I think a bit more effort should have been put into the look book, this doesn’t make me want to buy anything lol


    Il keep it short ‘homesweethome’
    ‘Born to Breathe’ so lets actually think about what this means…oh wait..nothing.
    ‘Live Free and Lie’ fuck man, take a leaf out of Nikes book of history.. ‘Just Do It’ was a strong message, so strong they could put that on billboards worldwide, in magazines, tv screens and have Michael Jordan saying it..

    Now you tell me what either of those two messages ‘AndWot’ have printed really do for anyone?
    Also is not a place to get vector images from for tees, draw your own.


    font is gash, graphics dont really do anything for me, and honestly who the fuck wants to walk around with ‘andwot’ plastered over their chest…shit is embarrassing…