Diamond Supply Co. Summer 2011 Collection

Diamond Supply follow the summer trend of minimalism, at least in terms of quantity, with a new collection offering variations on their popular prior designs as well as new nautical themed apparel.

The most interesting piece from this collection for me is the Jesus ‘Eternal Diamond Life Pt. 2′ tee, following on from the glory of a similar design featuring Mary Magdeline in various colourways, from the Spring collection earlier this year. Another photo tee features in this collection with a similar premise to the highly praised Cassie Ventura designs (4 being my favourite) which flew out of UK stores when it dropped. The tee is named ‘Diamond Life Girl’ and features the iconic diamond being held above a sleeping woman, perhaps connoting the importance of money and love.

Diamond have generally stuck to the black/white/grey designs in the past and this collection is true to form, with only red breaking the pattern in the polo shirt design which is one of the stronger polos I’ve seen this year .With a plethora of brands attempting (and failing) the main alternative to the tee shirt, featuring another iconic logo, in the form of the upside down (Un-Polo) P… though the tapered arms are an odd choice.

Another confident, strong showing from the Americans; cementing their position at the forefront of streetwear. All of these designs can be picked up now at Fifty Fifty.

Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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