Introducing: Garmz Apparel

Cardiff’s a city I’ve had my eye on for a while. The past year or so has seen some interesting developments where streetwear is concerned, and if things pan out as they should over the next few months, Cardiff could be set to challenge London and Bristol as the UK’s next streetwear hot spot. With that, straight from the streets of Cardiff comes Garmz Apparel with two basic logo T-shirts.

First thing I’ll say is that I really don’t like the brand name. The word itself has never sat well with me (even though we frequently use it as a means of categorising posts here at The Daily Street), and the addition of the ‘z’ in place of an ‘s’ makes it all seem a bit early 2000’s, and conjurers up memories I’d rather forget. The tees themselves are decent, but nothing to shout about just yet – two monochromatic designs based on the ‘Garmz Apparel’ text, the white tee finished with ‘GA’ on the sleeve, and the black bearing a slight resemblance to another ‘…Apparel’ brand I’m sure you’ve heard of.

Every brand has to start somewhere, and it could have been a lot worse (even if I am a long way from walking around with ‘GARMZ’ accross my chest). Everyone deserves a chance, so I wanted to put these guys out there for you to have your say, so let us know in the comments – have I been too harsh? The two tees are available now from Garmz Apparel for £20. Check out some more shots featuring Cardiff’s next big thing the Astroid Boys below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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    Props to Suffocake for giving an honest opinion about this brand.

    I agree change the name before its too late and you become to established, people understand you will be learning the ropes so just re-identify yourselves under a different name, the designs I don’t really think say much for the brand, although the typography is clean it doesn’t offer much for a brand that hasn’t got a strong reputation.. theres a reason brands like supreme, wtaps, neighborhood can just have their name on a shirt with no imagery or iconography, its called time and perseverance.

    I suggest schooling up on classic designs from street wear archives, inspiration from current designs wont give you much respect and you’ll feel less satisfied with your design outcomes if you base them on those.

    Good luck with it all but think about what you want to present as a brand and what you’re about.
    this can be said with the majority of ‘pop up’ brands recently.

  • Nah

    GARMZ? Thats a really bad name.

  • J


  • Rich


  • MO

    Trying way to hard

    Plus i allways find with this stuff its allways printed on some Fruit of the loom or Gildan shit, 2 washes and its useless.

  • b

    grass roots ‘streetwear’ is long dead. there is no innovation anymore. the snapback kids will never get it though, which is better for the rest of us.

  • hunter

    To have just your brand name on a tshirt is for me unimaginative, and usually only appears on pieces from brands who have been either long established or who have brought something fresh or exciting to the table

  • Chris

    Not sure about the name. The name is the hardest thing to get right when launching a new brand. & if your brand is just about having your name on a tee with nothing else then you will have a lot of hard work ahead!

  • AMW

    I don’t get the whole Established 2011 thing a lot of new brands are doing it, like there’s a tick list of things to have on a new brand launch, the point of stating when you were established is to show some heritage and history. Like Established in 1998 is impressive because we know you’ve been going for 13 years. You’ve survived 13 years in a tough industry and you’ve earned that Established tagline. Saying your established in the current year is pointless. Your not established, you’ve just launched.

  • TAN

    I despair…What an absolute pile of shit. From name, to design, to photography, to ‘models’. This is officially the worst ‘brand’ i have seen on here yet!

  • K

    Who spells shit with a Z instead of an S nowadays though really..

  • katyMarshall



  • J

    Please don’t.


    ‘AMW’ finally someone who gets the whole established bullshit.
    Also goes for any ‘posi’ message slogans on shirts..that shit drains me.

  • BUDA

    I have mad respect for this blog, one of a few i keep tabs on. But this is just trash. Sick to death of these copycat name logo brands. Literally no innovation in the hole game Saying that i do like to laugh at the trash they call a streetwear label…. Harsh but true.

  • future9

    i hope the comments on this post will wake up these lads on their next move

  • Michael

    yeah this is really poor

  • Malik

    This is bullshit.
    Im all for supporting new-comers, but the two things i hate about this site is the “brands” they choose to support.
    There is ALOT of new-comers that have been around for a year or so that is light years better then this.

    Another is that i have never really seen this site happy with anything, its always something generic they don’t like “there idea isn’t original enough” or “they still haven’t got a site yet” or “there site is not up to scratch”

    There is being opinionated then there’s just bashing stuff for no reason.

    I would love this site if it posted every new-comer that was putting a real effort in to what they have
    passion for.
    Instead they post garbage like this and Bogus.

  • Suffocake

    Malik, in response to your comment, I would LOVE to post every ‘newcomer’ brand that sends their product through for review, but at the rate brands are popping up at the moment, we quite simply don’t have the time.

    I actually feel like this was one of very few negatively-weighted posts I have ever written, but at the same time, it’s hard to get too excited by a brand that screen-prints a few tees, boshes a quick website together, and demands attention for little or no reason. I try to inject a little opinion into my writing, but the market for streetwear is so saturated that quite often both the positives, and the negatives, are repetitive.

    But then, maybe I am missing the good stuff, so if you’d like to send through a list of brands you feel we’re missing, I’d be more than willing to give it my time.

  • Malik

    I fully understand not having the time to post everything but to find a brand that has a garment with more then 1 or 3 colours in a elaborate or passionate design doesn’t take much time, its almost instant, you see a t-shirt and go WOW they worked hard for that, instead of poor typography and EST just so we know they started…

    Maybe this is one of the negatively-weighted posts you’ve done, which is weird because those t-shirts suck real bad, your right and wrong for not get too excited about a brand who does their first couple of t-shirts, I mean when I genuinely find talent its almost like finding a new music artist you just cant wait for their next album or mixtape.
    Positives are still positive and vice versa, they still matter.

    Hell yeah ill email them to you.