Introducing: Enclave Apparel

Enclave is a name you may or may not have heard recently, but either way, it’s time you paid attention. A UK brand with a difference, this Saturday (October 1st), Enclave introduce their debut collection titled ‘Minus Cause’ to the streets, and it’s a release we’re more than excited about.

Started in 2010, Enclave began as many brands do, as an opportunity to fuse owner Kyle’s love of classic graphic design with his own interests in both urban and contemporary fashion. Unlike most however, his initial output is something more than worthy of your attention – a collection of tees, crewneck sweats, varsity outerwear and 5 panel caps. The collection’s name, and the theme behind it, goes a little to explaining just what Enclave are about, and I couldn’t put it better than the brand’s own words…

“The Minus Cause is the idea that no matter what activity you train your hand or condition your mind to do, be it something social or physical, music, design, skating, whatever. There are always a group of people pushing the boundaries and changing the playing-field, for no reason but their own means. It’s from these forerunners of the social geometry where the Minus Cause draws its inspiration”.

It’s unusual that we see such a developed collection from a new brand, especially one with this much attention to detail, and design. Enclave’s product sits somewhere between streetwear and something all together more ‘fashionable’, showing a clear knowledge of contemporary graphic design and the ability to apply that to clothing. The T-shirts are great, and manage to mix simplicity with a big impact, and the crewnecks are impeccably clean, with additional suede and leather detailing solidifying them as premium pieces, but, it’s the all-black-everything varsity jackets that really got me excited. A black wool body, with black leather sleeves, black front and back embroidery and black snap fastenings – the whole thing looks great.

This is a hugely impressive debut from the brand, and shows the importance of taking your time when it comes to design – nothing is rushed here, and it shows. The collection will be available as of Saturday, October 1st, from Angry Daves, The Chimp Store, and the brand’s own online store. Look for the 5 panels to follow in the second drop, but for now, check out the collection so far below, and find out more at Enclave.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Gregk G&G

    Kyle Enclave is a diamond in the rough of UK streetwear at the moment. Along with few other designers in the scene, he took the time to think about his brand and realised that anybody can print on a t-shirt and set up a bigcartel account. I can’t imagine how much time and effort must have gone into realising every single one of these designs but even now, before a single piece has been released for sale or touched in the flesh, his brand looks heads and shoulders above countless other “Est. MMXIVVICXVI YESTERDAY”

    Not only do the t-shirts make sense, but they are cohesive and create an identity and an image independent of the wearer. The crewneck’s simple use of a classy logo, quality materials and functional leather elbow patches means that the piece achieves its goal of merging classic, functional reasoning with clean streetwear sensibilities, a piece that truly wouldn’t look out of place in albam or hanon.

    This is before you even move onto the Varsity. I can count on one hand the number of UK brands that have gone out and created a piece as ambitious as this, even less that actually managed to pull it off and make it look good. I know this thing has been a long time in the making, so the fact that the design is still so in tune with the collection shows how consistent and well-rounded a designer Kyle is, innovating and leaping to and from each concept whilst never becoming detached from the original Cause.

  • Chris

    Straight in at Number 1!!! This has well and truly set a new bar for the UK.

  • Man

    well i wouldn’t go that far, but it is nice there’s no denying that

  • @ragsxriches

    Great way to come out of the gate! Digging every piece, and great description of Minus Cause. Hope Enclave makes its way to the states!

  • Ben

    Loving the collection, fresh!

  • bookey

    i agree with @Man i wouldn’t go that far on the exaggerated praise,on the other hand its a very clean and proffesional look and does slightly stand aside from a lot of regular competition. big ups anyhow

  • alex

    geeez if a crewneck with leather elbows and a black varsity is the most innovative stuff new streetwear can up with then the game is most definitely stale.

  • 60hz

    Fresh, fresh, fresh!

  • The talk

    All I can say is a font and a photo boom what a idea………

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  • A Comment

    All I can say to the negative comments on here is that Suffocake’s words imply that it’s a pretty big step for NEW and INDEPENDENT UK street label to go in as deep as Enclave Apparel have. It’s a pleasure to see that the first drop from this collection is so strong and should only get us excited for what is to come after this drop.

    If they are going in this deep with the first drop it should in all reality get us pretty excited about what they have in store for us with their future drops.

    Big collection.

  • Mark

    Love the simplicity of the grey crew!

  • NAD

    I love the effort Enclave has put in here. The designs are ok, but way to similar to Sixpack France a few years back. I’m sure that this is not intentional and it’s good to see a brand have a thorough theme running throughout the collection, but to suggest that Kyle is a ‘diamond in the rough’ is a bit over the top. Fair play Kyle, like what your doing and look forward to seeing Enclave unfold. Best of luck.