Introducing: Levi’s Streetwear

This month, Levi’s introduce a brand new collection, dubbed ‘Levi’s Streetwear’ to the shelves of 12, specially selected UK skate stores. The denim itself presents something a little more than your average pair of 501’s, with fits and features tailored specifically for a skateboarder’s lifestyle.

Four unique fits make up the collection. The 111 Skinny, the 222 Slim, the 333 Slim Tapered, and the 444 Slim X Fit, (the first three with plenty of stretch) and each is available in a number of finishes, including ‘Compressor’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Pitch’, and ‘Bruise’. That’s all well and good, but it’s the special features that really make this something different. Reinforced bar tacks make the denim extra durable, while triple layered belt loops do the same, and an additional ‘security stitch’ across the back pockets is in place to keep your possessions safe even if you do wear through the bottom. Moving down to the hem, chain stitched finishing keeps seams tightly held, and the denim even features a rubber coated inner hem, making it much less likely to fray on the heels. Finished off with a black, stenciled back patch, Levi’s really have thought of everything here, and have managed not to compromise style for functionality, as it all looks great too.

Accompanying the denim is a range of tees, hoods, and button-up shirts, most of which fit within the grey/black colour scheme that the collection holds, which you’ll also find in this lookbook, put together by the folks at Fifty Fifty, as an opportunity to see the product in ‘action’. This is a great introduction from Levi’s, and it’s release has been executed brilliantly, with the collection available from only 12 skate stores in the UK, and exclusive to Europe. Find select pieces at Fifty Fifty now, or head to Levi’s Streetwear to find your local stockist.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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    The recession has been devastating to some brands but in some ways its made the remaining few step up their game instead of a lazy rehash of past releases, focusing on target markets and not just going for the average guy.
    with the prices being reasonable at a couple of pounds under £70, Il be purchasing these in the near future..


    This is dope!

  • Gregk G&G

    While it’s cool on the one hand, there’s something about the history of how streetwear came about thats bugging me. Like the reappropriation of Lee Jeans and Desert Boots by the NYC Hip Hop scene or how the Japanese kept the snowboarding industry alive in the 90s by buying boards to put on their cars. The whole notion of streetwear is that the cool kids took stuff like the north face and jansport and trainers etc. and they made them cool and sought after. Even nowadays most street heads want A.P.C. New Standards for their jeans, a french fashionhouse.

    So I just feel a bit irked that a company, albeit on that has been there through the years and done its fair bit, is all of a sudden releasing a new collection of jeans, aimed directly at the ‘streetheads’, designed for the ‘streetheads’, referred to as the Streetwear collection. Firstly, it all seems a bit too High Street Candy Trail for your average shopper in my opinion, but also, Where’s the Fun?

    I have a cynical outlook on everything, granted, but I can’t help feel this is not-very-subtly aimed at the Only NY, Obey Snapback, Topman Chinos and Red Vans Authentics crowd…


    ^ totally get that, but its about time I found some decent slims that I can tear up without feeling like I need to dip into my overdraft for a new pair.

  • Ed

    “Obey Snapback, Topman Chinos and Red Vans Authentics crowd…”