Chevignon Togs Unlimited Down Jackets Return

At a time when the crossover between outdoor wear and streetwear is at almost saturation point, I am more than happy to announce that our shores have just enough room left to welcome back the Chevignon Togs Unlimited jackets.

These were BIG in the 90’s, as in seriously big, snagging themselves a cult following and even being featured in ‘The Face’ magazine. The whole idea of mixing the great outdoors and the gritty streets is nothing new, but if it’s back, then you may as well embrace it with full force.

French label Chevignon was founded in 1979 and is highly inspired by Americana workwear, these down jackets are a prime example – think ‘Ice Road Truckers’. Rugged people, wearing rugged clothes, in rugged conditions. This is their first season back from the archives after a lengthy absence, but with the quality that they’ve returned with, I’m inclined to let them off the hook for being away so long.

Each jacket feels incredible and fits beautifully, however I advise you to size up, unless you’re wanting it really snug. They’re filled with duck down and then the outer shell is Teflon, making it warm and resistant, whilst also being light as a feather (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Each jacket has a contrasting leather shoulder pannel, removable sleeves for transforming it into a gilet and a hidden hood in the neck lining. What really makes it for me is the over all branding, from the inner neck label to the giant ‘flying duck’ logo on the back, even the hang tags have an old time quality about them.

Each Jacket is available now in store from Present and Zee & Co for £425.

Photography: James Clothier for The Daily Street
Model: Craig Miller (aka Actor)

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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  • Matt

    One of the most iconic jackets of all time!!