Nudie Indigo Hands Collection – The Grim Tim

European denim giants, Nudie, have a fantastic new collection inspired by the original methods involved in creating the very first pairs of indigo dyed jeans, entitled the ‘Indigo Hands Collection’.

The very name and nature of this collection is in reference to the true denim artisans who originally (and continue to) dyed yarns with natural indigo, without the use of gloves, leaving the dark colouring to permanently stain their hands blue, in tribute to the love of denim craftsmanship.

Like most ‘heritage’ influenced denim, the content of the collection is raw, unwashed denim, with the standout piece being the Grim Tim jeans embellished with subtle features that make them a truly unique pair of jeans. The denim itself is constructed from premium Italian 12oz cotton, woven on 29 inch shuttle looms and features a delicate white selvedge down the seams of each straight leg. Further additions include embossed metal rivets, white selvedge coin pocket, rear pockets embroidered with indigo thread and the typical button fly and leather waistband patch.

The collection itself is a great testimony for the brand, who continue to seek original inspiration and improve the quality of their products each season. However, we wouldn’t be disappointed if this Grim Tim was simply released as a stand alone product.

The Nudie Indigo Hands Collection Grim Tim is available from Coggles now for £125

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