Introducing: Listen Supply

It’s rare that I get hyped about the debut collection from a UK brand, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating the first release from Bristol brand Listen Supply since the first previews started to appear on Instagram. Following an in-store launch at the city’s own Fifty Fifty just before Christmas, this week, the brand launched their online store and their product to the masses.

A quick scan through the images below, and it should be easy to see why I was so keen. Listen kick things off with two wool/suede 5 panel caps, with black or cardinal wool uppers and tan suede peaks. The brand’s script logo is embroidered into the crown with tonal stitching – both are clean, quality pieces and will no doubt fly out quick.

Moving on, the brand’s emphasis is placed on clean and simple graphic design, with two basic Script tees, a black script crewneck sweat. The ‘Notorious’ design completes the debut collection, available in front-and-back-print style on black tees and coaches jackets. It’s all very reasonably priced too, with £25 tees, £35 5 panels, £40 crewnecks and £45 for the coaches jacket.

I find a lot of brands can often ‘miss the point’, focusing too much on a theme, identity, or USP, and missing out on what’s really important – strong, well designed product that people will want to own. Listen have smacked that nail right on the head with a faultless debut, and I can’t wait to see where they take it next. Get a look at the collection below and pick up something for yourself at Listen Supply. Let us know what you think of it all in the comments.


Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Scott

    Like i mentioned about tumblr, instagram and on their facebook… it goes without saying Listen are probably one of my favorite indie brands, all because of this release. I will be making sure i pick up a tee and one of the fivers tomorrow.
    Im just so impressed with the quality, the promotion and the emphasis this brand bring off. Sharp ideas, and nothing too crazy… exactly how i like it.

  • tom

    A serious lack of brand identity and there are essentially 2 designs in this “drop”. Props on the 5-panels though they do appear to be manufactured to a high quality.

  • Vin

    how on earth did this brand excite you?
    check out and their instagram
    their opening page is more exciting than this brand designs.

  • Kritic

    The logo and 5 panels are very nice, but ‘The notorious LSN’ design is weak. If your playing with typography its gotta be done correctly,and as tom mentioned though everything very nice but theirs no brand identity,no mission statement and no strap lines???

    Feels like ive seen all this before.

  • Tom

    They’ve dropped the price on the five panels then which is good because £40 was too expensive for a start up brand. Personally think £35 is still to much but they won’t struggle to sell them.

  • hunter

    I like what I see here

  • Jaymo

    I’d choose Listen over Overdope going on their current offerings. I’m a sucker for simple designs/text. All they need is a pocket tee.



  • Geff

    This is not a usual UK brand first drop. The 5 panels are pretty cool, the whole suede brim thing is pretty popular right now but they’re obv gonna sell. The tees just seem a bit half assed and another biggie reference…? Come on that boat sailed a long time ago. Listen could do some big things as long as they don’t fall into the habit of using played out material to reference from. @Vin Overdope is fucking shit.

  • Scott

    @Vin, its some what of a personal opinion. As for overdope, i cant say i am a huge fan. Its a great concept, and the illustrations are well done, but im all about the minimal design that Listen pulls off. This is why i find it an exciting new brand.

  • mellowhype

    For me, its all going so well until the jacket/windbreak at the bottom. The Notorious LSN… really? The t shirts and crewsweat is cool, the five panels ares seriously nice, but unfortunately i just cant rock a fiver. impressive stuff though – i look forward to the ever tricky second album/drop.

  • truth

    Good brands are never cheap and cheap brands are never good.

  • truth

    ‘All they need is a pocket tee.’ JAYMO – please tell me you’re being next level whit?

    UK brands are the H&M of the streetwear world,

    Id rather see a triumphant fail then a boring success…
    bring something new and different instead of another companies products with your logo on.

    its all the same shit, different brand.


    Sorry guys gotta be honest here…. If this is what is really exciting you guys then it looks like we are heading for some dark days ahead for 2012 street/workwear.

    While I applaud the effort of Listen, I gotta say I’d like to see it pushed a bit more. I know as a start up its really difficult to take a lot of risks with a first drop, even if only from a financial perspective…. so I can understand why they might have veered towards playing it safe for this release. To try something new and different in a notoriously fickle and opinionated market is a huge gamble. But then I suppose thats where your research, marketing (eg teaser campaign) and strategy will give you an indication of how far you can push things.

    It doesn’t seem like there is a proposition or concrete statement to hang anything off… so overall, it seems kind of vague. Not too much to identify with for the newcomer… apart from the ‘i like to rock a big logo tee’.

    The 5 panels for me are the only thing that sparks any real interest, as the photos seem to show a level of quality that surpasses a few other similar products out there.

    It all seems to go a bit downhill from there…. a huge script logo emblazoned on a tee / crew… Nothing wrong with that, in essence…but yet something about this just doesn’t sit right with me…… it does seem a bit half assed.

    The fit/shape of the tees looks like it leaves a lot to be desired, I personally like a decent structured, fitted Tee. These look like it would be game over after a couple of washes. Either that or they need a good iron. Little things like that

    And as for the coaches jacket, without being too harsh, I’m afraid this is a real let down…. so less said about that the better. Typographically it is weak, so i have to co-sign what Kritic said about that.

    There is nothing wrong with having clean, minimal design, but you have to remember it may require even more design thought and creative awareness, as by removing some of the superfluous clutter that some brands and designs use to hide their flaws, by having a really clean and minimal focus you open yourself up to showing the errors or inconsistencies in your work, and I think they may be what has happened here slightly. You need to take a step back at every part of the process and analyse what you are doing with fresh eyes.

    I know not everyone can be a Norse or a Wtaps, but I would rather see a brand follow a trend, maybe enhance or focus on certain aspect of that, take reference (which by the way is different from flagrant copying or ‘bandwagon jumping’) and cues from the best, and put out something that is still fairly ‘safe’ that shows a real flair for quality and execution, than anything else. Then at least you have a decent grounds to be a bit more experimental with your second drop?

    Cos the problem is at the moment a lot of brands cant even get the basics right. If they cant do that then how are they expected to improve, and for us as consumers how can we be expected to part with hard earned cash to buy into their brands?

    This is just my personal opinion of course so feel free to interject. But for me the only UK brand on this kind of level that i think hits the nail on the head is Suffoca. I would even say the style of that particular brands clothing isnt even something i would personally wear, but I can appreciate good quality, attention to detail and design when i see it.

    A tee shirt should not require any less design concentration or effort than a technical jacket, 5 panel, or crew neck.

    Ill keep an eye on Listen, if anything just to see what they come up with next, it’s a half decent effort, once they take criticism on board and progress it should mean better product next time.

    I know all this stuff seems like its been done before or its everywhere, but you gotta walk before you can run.

  • hummmmm

    the brand has came with a safe and clean first drop. nothing wrong with that.

    the review has made it seem like they have reinvented the wheel tho, whats up with that? then some other well known established brands get half assed write ups.

    overdope is far from shit, brand looks good. cant say a brand is ‘shit’ then give no reasoning to it.

    mad how many comments this post got so quick, compaired to a lot of well known brands that are posted on here.

  • pfft

    minimal design is where its at, those 5 panels are super tidy. its just nice to see some nicely made clothes, i’m just looking forward to seeing where they take it next.

  • M1234

    Overused font. Same as Taken Clothing.

  • ivan

    2 one colour print designs and a cap ???

  • IAN

    “strong, well designed product” I really don’t agree, the whole article is a bit questionable!!!!

    The 5 panels are the strongest, but really for around that price I could get a Norse 5 panel.


    Are people actually realising what ‘minimal’ means?

    MINIMAL: “Smallest in amount or degree”.

    Perhaps we might be referring to the size of the collection as minimal?

    A massive logo that takes up half the front of a crew neck or almost all the back of a coaches jacket can hardly be described as minimal.

    Ok so pretty much every brand has the token logo tee, we know thats a dead cert and a no-brainer for the bulk of your sales. But if that is what you are looking to do then I just think there are tighter ways of executing it. Not every brand can be a Stussy ….. and not every brand needs to shout ‘look at me’.

    I think if there was more of an identity, a brand story with this, then that provides the point of interest and a way to relate. A bit of intrigue, something that would help generate interest in the clothes even if they only had the smallest bit of branding or design on.

    Then maybe later down the line once you are more established, then you can make it a bit more literal. Even coming back to this post with fresh eyes the following day, I just feel even from this small drop I’ve seen it all already.

    Come on peeps, raise the levels.


    and one more thing…. That ‘Calgary Script’ typeface really needs to be left alone already.


  • Bogart

    ‘Brand identity’? ‘Mission statement’? God I hate how seriously some people on the internet take themselves, and how up their own arses they make their opinions sound. What you people are fundamentally saying by ‘mission statement’ and whatnot is ‘market demographic’ or ‘niche’, and you’re basically saying you don’t wanna buy it because you have no idea who exactly it’s all marketed towards. Get over it. These are some guys who’ve made some sick tees and some REAL nice hats (everyone’s complimenting the five panels and rightly so, they’re definitely the best part of the release. so comfy and just an amazing quality), and that’s all there is to it. There’s no pretentious drivel attached to it, or whatever the hell else you guys are after, just good quality garms. You guys really need to leave your rooms once in a while.

  • Kritic

    LOL up their own arses?

    If im expected to part with hard earned cash these things need to be in place, especially when its been featured on Daily Street, people are going to be critical and they have every right to be!

    “the brand’s emphasis is placed on clean and simple graphic design”, so please shut up about up their own arses, they took it to that platform not us. You obviously know them which is why your struggling to see the brand from a outside point of view. Take it for what it is. Someone needs stress tablets.


    damn @realtalk just ruined the plans of a 1000 pubescent male plans for their seriously swagga jagga t-shirt brand revealing that font

  • Sam

    Bogart just hit the nail on the head. Get a fucking life. A mission statement, really? It’s not corporate finance, it’s a start up clothing brand, save the slaver and do something with your own life instead of attacking credible efforts of others

  • James

    Good start with this brand. Totally agree with sam and bogart on this too. People should be inspired that folks in the UK are doing something.

  • hummmmm

    nothing is wrong with the brand as such….simple..minimal…whatever.. lots of brands start of like this…and everyone has to start somewhere.

    just feel the write up was wayyy too hyped for a drop like this.

    TDS write ups seem to looking to get comments and have people going back and fourth (and its working)

  • Suffocake

    After the attention this post received in the comments, I thought it only right I step back in and add my thoughts. On reflection, I may have been a little overzealous in my praise of Listen’s debut – perhaps I was just a little excited by it all – but I still believe that was for good reason. It’s good to see that some of you really feel that if we feature a brand on The Daily Street, it’s because we believe it worthy of recognition. One of the things you guys don’t get to see however, are the number of brand’s that don’t make the cut. While I don’t mean to be too harsh in my criticism of young British designers, I see brands on an almost daily basis that lack focus, creativity, and quality, and it’s something I’m not in the business of promoting. Listen’s first drop really caught my eye though. Sure, the graphics are nothing game-changing, the garments are stock units, and the collection is fairly simple, but it works together, and for me shows one important thing – potential. Though I don’t want to put too much focus on the 5-panels, these alone show that Listen are not about half measures.

    Like I say, I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the brand take things next. Perhaps in the next round, Listen should look to carve a little of their own identity, show us what they’re about and why they’re worthy of our attention. Hopefully, I won’t eat my words.

    It’s great to see you all getting involved and sharing your opinions, be it positive or negative. We always wanted this to be a forum for discussion, and somewhere for you to share your thoughts as much as for us – so thank you.

  • jockstrap

    the 5panels are good but hmmm £40 way too much i have to say 30 or 35

  • Tyler

    “It’s all very reasonably priced too, with £25 tees, £35 5 panels, £40 crewnecks and £45 for the coaches jacket.”

  • davidjohnclapp

    “Well done is better than well said.” uh, there’s a statement. Hold up though. I’d like to think it’s about quality, and quality’s ability to survive despite all the cuss and the hearsay but more importantly it’s about a quality product and this feels like good quality to me, the consumer. A happy customer.


    I have one of the 5 panels and dont get me wrong i do like it, ten times better quality then a lot of brands that would be considered to be “bigger” then Listen but does anyone else who owns one believe that the pictures make them look a lot better quality then they actually are, for example in terms of the fabric the pictures make the wool look very thick and sturdy when in fact its rather thin and the hat doesn’t really keep shape very well when worn in my honest opinion. Dunno if its just me or not being overly ocd. However still very happy with the purchase and very impressed for a brand thats so new.

  • burger baps

    I got both 5 panels black and burgundy, they are very comfortable, I have a bunch of hats I brought over in the states and these two are the most worn, due to comfort and there ease to put with other garments, they don’t clash so if i want i can wear a load tee without my hats overpowering.

  • Thc

    I got one of the Listen caps today and i gotta say the quality is really good. I have tonnes of five panels most of which are made of the standard canvas and cotton twill shit. I like how they have not taken the safe path and used those types of materials and gone for the wool and suede combo, especially for a newcomer to the industry. shows good potential. I have the HUF Outback volly five panel and thats weak as shit, the panels are made of a wool similar to the Listen caps and the material is floppy, Listen one feels better though with out a doubt, thicker. @BLAZE maybe the materials used here are not as ‘solid’ as the common materials that look more fitted or sit better on five panels on the market at the moment. I dunno… maybe you are ocd. Why so many shitty comments are coming out of this i dont know, at least they are trying, on a side note, i like how they added the little touches to my order with the stickers, stamped up box and black tissue paper. thanks!

  • MadDog2020

    Guys, this is BOOM- the other twats don’t know what they’re talkin about- if you can’t handle the heat, then get out the kitchen. Keep doing your thing guys- it’s sick.

  • SCK

    ^ plenty other ‘sick’ brands out there then, getting no time of day.

  • rob

    For everyone commenting on this controversial first drop, no matter how much you’ve hated on this brand the amount of attention this has given them means their going to get significantly more recognition. I can only hope this brand takes this issue as constructive criticism and proves the sceptics wrong with their next drop.

    And as always, with everything – haters goin’ hate

  • DMND

    I like the 5 panels they look pretty fresh, as for the tee’s and the crews it piss’ me off how many new brands think they can just print their name on something and it will sell! I think for a first drop you have to come original with fresh designs and then maybe once you’ve established your brand you can drop some basic shit like this!

    @Vin I don’t think they can be compared as their both so different but one thing i like about overdope is the fact you can tell what their about straight away by looking at their designs.

    With such a basic first drop I’m looking forward to seeing what listen can pull out of the bag on the next one.

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