DRTE ‘Copy Everything & Achieve Nothing’

London’s DRTE produce a new release entitled ‘Copy Everything & Achieve Nothing’ – a response to the internet, tumblr, and a rise in ‘copy cat’ culture.

The release is part of a project titled ‘You Have The Right To Remain Silent’ – a publication by Jenny Bang, which takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the way sites like tumblr have fueled a world of clones, and the loss of individuality. The quote from the publication below sums the whole project up nicely:
“Social Media has merged with personal identity, but when most user’s tumblr pages are turning into a who’s who of predictable clothes, styles and photography, it paradoxically takes away from the inherent uniqueness in each person”.

The release itself is comprised of a single screen-printed white tee, on which the words ‘Copy Everything & Achieve Nothing’ appear, along with two acrylic fold beanies, bearing a DRTE woven label on the front and the words ‘Simplicity Ain’t So Simple’. IT’s a great concept to work with, and the brand have pulled it off well. All three items will be available from 10am today, Friday February 24th, from the brand’s online store.


Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://d-f-t-f.tumblr.com Ed

    Any other information on ‘You Have The Right to Remain Silent’? I’ve been waiting for some sort of proof i’m not the only person in the world who hates that kind of sheep culture.

  • Scott

    I like the whole concept behind the quote. DRTE are great. Will purchase the tee!

  • M

    Feeling that tee.

  • rob


  • Kritic

    Nice hats and a nice concept… but is it something you would actually want to wear?


    “takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the way sites like tumblr have fueled a world of clones, and the loss of individuality.”

    I understand its supposed to flip the script a bit and be a bit witty… but i think the irony is a bit too misplaced when you are asking customers to part cash for arguably two of the most common items in the wardrobe of a ‘sheep’ – a screen printed white tee and a beanie. In the end the vibe feels a bit unnecessarily satirist.

    Loss of individuality, yet you are asking people to conform?
    By copying it seems they are achieving something – probably a nice bit of profit after these items have flown out.

    I would of preferred to see some more unusual products on offer.

    Designs look tight though, so that’s a bonus> I see where they were trying to go with this, maybe just a bit more thought into the execution of the concept needed?

    Hold tight DRTE though still, for trying something with a bit of a message at least.

  • Blasé

    @the real… in all fairness i think these beanies are supposed to be plain, unobtrusive/kind of thing. doesnt mean its unoriginal.

    @realtalk …
    i was reading something about postmodern consumerism the other day, some of your words reminded me of that…

    as i understand it the print was original made for an independent publication You Have The Right To Remain Silent, and then DRTE decided to print it also as they felt it was relevant. The nature of a multi – coloured silkscreen print means that every print will be slightly different anyway… dunno if thats looking into it too much but yeah anyways PEACE