I Love Ugly Spring 5 Panels

The folks at Junx Clothing in Great Yarmouth have taken a strong shipment of 5 Panels from New Zealand brand I Love Ugly.

Patterned 5 panels seem to be having a little moment right now. Several brands have added them to their collections, and whole new brands have been launched off the back of them. However, I find that most of them prioritise being garish and attention grabbing over being wearable and stylish. So, with this in mind, it’s nice to see I Love Ugly doing patterned 5 panels well. Even the Trout patterned cap has it’s charm, skirting on the edge of taking it a bit too wild. The strongest numbers for me have to be those based on traditional regal materials, as well as the all-Black cap with the pattern under the peak.

From the looks of things, these are well crafted and use good quality materials. The addition of a leather buckle at the back is a nice touch that helps set these appart from the likes of Norse Projects and Supreme. The branded tab on the front of the cap reads “I Love Ugly + Extra Large” … I’m not sure what it means exactly, but it does look good.

These are supposed to be exclusive to the I Love Ugly online store and physical store in Auckland, so it’s great to see a small UK boutique managing to persuade them to stock them over here. I wouldn’t expect to see them on the shelves for long though.

Priced at £50 a cap, head over to Junx Clothing to get your hands on one now.

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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  • HarleyT

    Some are nice, but i dont want ‘i love ugly’ on my head, gives the wrong impression.

  • Scott

    Valentin the owner is a top bloke. I was working closely a few months ago. It’s great to see ILU now getting noticed.

  • Tom

    The black with you red/pink patterned under the peak is nice, the rest can be thrown on the skulls barca pile.

  • M

    Think actually having nice fabrics makes a change, most of these seem to use the gashest material they can find to make a statement. However, for £50 i would at least expect a tailor who can cut a pattern. Half of these look off, a little quality control wouldn’t go a-miss either. Most of these look like seconds.

  • dm

    They’re all pretty nice, and if they’re anything like MorePorks from New Zealand the quality will be outstanding, but I can’t help but feel like five panels are starting to go the same way as patterned pocket tees. All it really is finding some nice fabrics and putting a logo on the front. Come on, surprise us!

  • dontgetit

    Couldn’t of picked a worse selection of hats to stock from i love ugly, they do so many nicer designs. And they’re selling them at a higher price than buying them from the i love ugly online store w/ P&P!! fuck

  • Z

    People Need to chill out, I love Ugly is doing Great things and Other NZ labels need to appreciate this and acknowledge this your only hating because they are doing things no one else in in NZ. If you have nothing good to say dont say anything at all

  • Mark

    I love ugly is pretty damn cool, they’re definitely carving a niche for themselves, the whole high end street fashion market is theres for the taking. i think new zealand is pretty dope at making garments and caps, i own a moreporks cap and a couple of i love ugly ones, i have to say i love ugly is my fav but a lot of respect for all those brands.

  • Jacob

    I’ve got two of these hats and the quality and material is amazing. As for the patterns being off you can tell they’re not supposed to match up just by looking at them, I like it like that makes every hat a little bit different. I know they’re getting the rest of the ILU styles in next month too. People keep saying about skulls barca but I don’t get. Brands have made black five panels before that doesn’t mean ILU are copying them the same as making patterned five panels doesn’t mean they’re copying them.

  • joe

    Minerva Exeter have had these in store for two weeks

  • M

    Really fond of these, but I don’t think they’re worth 50 quid.

  • O


  • Timmy

    Love these got mine delivered today, everyone is asking me where i got it cheers to the guys at Junx #toplads



  • isaac444

    These hats are absolutely amazing, whoever is out there saying the patterns don’t match, well thats half the point, why wear the same as everyone else, i have the trout and i love it to bits. Wear it every day to be honest. and as for i love ugly, well i love i love ugly!! just pulled out some cash and bought one of there new watches. you should all have a look into them if you wanna stay on time…

  • Blaze

    Just found out the guys at Junx clothing have just got some more styles of 5 panels , some dope shirts & Jonty pants !!!!!!!