Swallows & Daggers 2012 Drop 1

Brit brand Swallows & Daggers are back for 2012 with a bit of a refreshed image, choosing to ditch some of the more obvious tattoo-based designs in favour of a more accessible style, but which still stays true to their ink foundations.

Drop 1 includes 4 new T-shirt designs (each available in a couple of colours) designed by the likes of Clark Orr, Zach Shuta, and Matt Skiff, and I genuinely like them all. They all feature large single colour illustrations, each paired with a different tagline or slogan – the tattoo theme still running strong, but executed in a way that means it wouldn’t alienate anyone not normally a fan of the style.

The drop is completed by a simple, raglan cut zip-hood in navy or grey, with ‘DGRS’ text across the chest. I’m impressed with what the brand have put together, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more. View the brand’s lookbook below (shot by Joshua Gordon/FucknFilthy), along with a short video including footage of the recent launch at Team Hell, and head to Swallows & Daggers to make a purchase.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://www.iamdooom.com DOOOM


  • Doc

    Best I’ve seen in a while!

  • M

    Real clean designs, reminds me of Drone Boy. Prices are good too.

  • A

    A real nice drop. REAL NICE. And hardly any comments.

    Then the bs that gets in here has shit load of people hyping it. Crazy.

  • http://www.respect-tradition.com Cian

    Hey guys, thanks for all the comments! Really appreciate, we expected to get slated on here next to so many bigger more established brands!

  • joshua

    I wouldn’t say a “REAL NICE” drop, anyone with a knowledge of streetwear / fashion can see it’s average.


    well done S&D, happy to see some original artwork’ed graphic tee’s and a strong brand vibe unlike most of your peers’ attempts lately

  • dm

    Definitely strong, cohesive and confident in its styling and identity. The bold, swooshy graphics remind me of old Hundreds designs or Acapulco & Benny Gold. Nothing groundbreaking but its strong and precise, massive props!

  • A

    you have to have a knowledge of streetwear to say a range is ‘real nice’ ?
    I wasnt compairing it to any other brands, just feeling all the graphics in the drop. Rather then 1 out of 12 pieces

  • http://www.respect-tradition.com Cian

    Thanks again guys! The thing I’ve found with a lot of brands is there so eager to get into cut & sew and headwear that the graphic tee is an after thought from day one, a means to an end in some ways. We will do cut & sew and larger more diverse collections but we’ve taken the time to figure out how we want our visuals to look first.

  • A

    Not everyone has to progress onto cut and sew. Your right. Too many brands are trying to make that jump and do that now and not doing it as well as they could because they are rushing. The t-shirt is the foundation. Look at T.I.T.S. they just do tees and that’s perfectly fine.


    hey Cian – probably because most brand coming out are from trendhumper dudes with no skills. a rip off logo on a cap will do for them and their ‘brand’

  • joshua

    You just referenced T.I.T.S , your point is invalid.
    T.I.T.S make clothing for people with no taste who like blonde birds with massive fake tits, nothing to admire in what they do it’s tacky & has no emphasis on design / quality / fit.

  • A

    hows that invalid. they are a streetwear brand………correct?…they havent done cut and sew….correct? and they are successful….correct?……when did i say admire? or say they did great design work or anything? personally i dont like the brand. but doesnt mean a brand HAS to move onto cut and sew to be successful in this game.

  • joshua

    I agree wholeheartedly that tees are the foundation and should be kept buttery,
    but referencing tits when talking about streetwear is like referencing instagram when talking about photography.

  • P

    Great stuff. Well done guys.

  • Doublereplies

    Mix between ichiban and rebel 8-neither of which are current!