Recap: Paszport! Fanzine Launch

Remember when England were in Euro 2012? Remember when The Rig Out and Mother launched a football fanzine? Well a couple of videos have surfaced.

Thankfully, although mainly focused on British football, Paszport! is nothing like British football; it actually lives up to what you expect, if not more. Unlike the England squad, where every time they compete we find ourselves going “This is gonna be great!” swiftly to remember that we’re not great as we get booted out, Paszport! actually performs. Not only do the guys at The Rig Out and Mother know how to make a damn good football mag, but they know how to throw a damn good football party as well.

Earlier this month we mentioned the launch party and gave you the full rundown on this one-off fanzine and luckily someone was there to film the occasion. As well as this, the guys behind Paszport! decided to put in some overtime at work and head out to the Euro’s to “promote the magazine”. I admire their work ethic.

Both videos are below and both are great little watches …

Paszort! Launch Party:

Paszport! goes to the Euros:

Alex Synamatix

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  • boba

    picked up a copy in Oi Polloi a while back. really quality articles