Stone Island A/W 2012 Outerwear Drop 1

Stone Island haven’t been a cause for disappointment for some time now and their outerwear collection for the impending chiller months is no let down.

Their consistently brilliant releases are always inspiring, whether it be an outlandish trench coat or simple shirting and polos. They are crafted with a degree that is second to none. The detail of craft that goes into each garment is evidently apparent throughout each collection and is one of the only brands out there today where you really get what you’re paying for.

This drop of Autumn/Winter outerwear consists of a bomber, an M90 and nylon down jacket (a hooded puffer). A ‘Stonie’ jacket should be a staple of anyones outerwear wardrobe and the ultra lightweight down jacket seems like one that will blend with most. When they say ultra-lightweight jacket, they really mean it, with each square meter of the anti-drop fabric weighing only 26 grams. It’s available in grey and navy, but personally the Navy is definitely the one to go for. The Mussola Gommata bomber is in the elite, constructed from a elaborate process of binding cotton muslin to polyurethane film. The jacket is attributed with quilting and hand-warmer pockets as well as their secretive and unique dying process, giving incomparable colours.

Finally, the Genius’ from Italy utilize the M90 process (Originally from that green army jacket we see everyone wearing). They’ve already created a sublime hooded camo jacket, but by applying the M90 finish it sails into a league of its own and is truly one of a kind. If thats not enough, due to the fragility of the treatment the jacket will look more worn over time, so it truly becomes your own.

Head over to End Clothing to get a piece of your impending Winter wardrobe early.

Hugo Sapsed

Hugo is a sneaker specialist with a passion for collecting. His specialist knowledge base extends from sneakers to streetwear and everything in between.

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  • RuthlessDoofus

    Stone Island always impress and that Liquid Reflective M90 is too nice. The only problem I have is the automatic image/reputation that having that badge on your arm can bring.



  • LC Train

    take the badge off.

  • RuthlessDoofus

    Ahhhh! I hadn’t thought of that.
    I’ll reword what I said above: It’s a shame I have to take the badges off if I don’t want people to automatically assume I’m involved in some nefarious activities.

  • mellowhype

    @ruthlessdoofus – the price ain’t a problem?? where do you work?

  • jeds

    at aphrodite 1994 the camo jacket went down from 750 to 375 in the sale. needless to say I snapped that up. then I came across the cp with inner lining and visor and mask which I saw for 895 in flannels and it was down tot 450 at aphrodite and that got snapped up too lol bargainsss

  • unair

    Jeds i also snapped up the stoney from aphrodie 1994 all in for 381 pound but the stoney from the outside where the armmpit section is has all become creased and has formed a grey colour like its been spray painted what shall i do and do you even know why thats happen?!