Ben Sherman AW12 Ad Campaign Imagery


For their Autumn/Winter 2012 advertising campaign, Ben Sherman have drafted in the creative force behind The Rig Out. We take a look at the stunning images involved.

Ben Sherman have been making a strong effort to re-establish themselves of late and this AW12 campaign helps that a lot, not only through these images but the clothing and accessories as well. Bringing in the creative team behind The Rig Out was a wise move. With our good friend Glenn Kitson on styling duties and the incredibly talented Antony Crook behind the camera, it’s a winning formula.

The images have a very definitive look to them, one that is becoming synonymous with the crew behind The Rig Out and works in harmony with the aesthetic of the collection. Glenn Kitson’s styling is faultless once again, with some effortlessly stylish outfits that remain functional. The models featured are actually the shop staff from the various Ben Sherman stores and the locations are some of their regular haunts. It ties a nice story into this campaign that you wouldn’t notice at first.

We’ll let the images do the rest of the talking. I think you’ll agree that they are quite simply stunning.

Ben Sherman
The Rig Out

Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-01 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-02 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-03 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-04 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-05 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-06 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-07 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-08 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-09 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-11 Ben-Sherman-AW12-Ad-Campaign-Imagery-The-Rig-Out-12

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