Libertine-Libertine Howl Shirt (Leopard Prints)


As part of their AW12 collection, Libertine-Libertine have created these two alternatively coloured leopard print shirts.

Libertine-Libertine are no strangers to taking traditional pattern prints and warping them with new colour palettes, mainly with an ultramarine blue theme – they did it last season with some incredible blue camo. Now we see the brand take to leopard print. Not the easiest print to work with or to wear, the addition of a blue centre calms the print, yet still manages to keep that bold impact that the print is known for.

The blue on brown option is the more striking of the two due to the contrast in colours, yet the blue on blue option has a certain depth that keeps the same amount of energy and allure in the print. Both shirts are the Libertine-Libertine Howl block and feature two chest pockets and a short collar. Made from a heavy 100% cotton, these sit comfortably in the middle ground between shirt and over-shirt.

Both variations of the Howl shirt from Libertine-Libertine are available now from Glass Boutique for £99 each.

Libertine-Libertine-AW12-Howl-Shirt-Brown-Blue-Leopard-Print-01 Libertine-Libertine-AW12-Howl-Shirt-Brown-Blue-Leopard-Print-03 Libertine-Libertine-AW12-Howl-Shirt-Blue-Leopard-Print-01 Libertine-Libertine-AW12-Howl-Shirt-Blue-Leopard-Print-02 Libertine-Libertine-AW12-Howl-Shirt-Blue-Leopard-Print-03

Alex Synamatix

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