Stone Island 30th Anniversary Tela Stella Jacket


In celebration of their 30th Anniversary, Stone Island have created this exact replica of the Tela Stella jacket from 1982.

First seen in the 1982 Stone Island collection by Massimo Osti, this jacket is an exact replica in every way, except for the beautiful 30th anniversary badge on the chest. Inspired by military truck tarpaulin, the cotton cloth on this jacket has been dyed on both sides, coated in resin and then washed in enzymes to give it it’s unique worn charm and soft feel. The process also makes the jacket windproof, which is a handy feature.

This is a very rare chance to own a classic piece of Stone Island design, one that you’d have to really hunt for if they hadn’t re-issued it in this fashion. Coming in a nice 30th anniversary bag, similar to a fine suit, these aren’t expected to be around for long at all, so don’t waste time if you want one.

You can pick up one of these from Oi Polloi for £395.

Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Green-01 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Green-02 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Green-03 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Green-04 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Navy-Blue-01 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Navy-Blue-02 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Navy-Blue-03 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Navy-Blue-04 Stone-Island-30th-Anniversary-Tela-Stella-Jacket-Case-01

Alex Synamatix

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  • Lucien

    Green one is beautiful

  • redrabbit

    noice! really fucking cool!

  • Hunter

    these are so damn nice

  • M1234

    Fuck I wish I had the money