Grind London ‘Karma Drama’ Collection


Grind London return with their latest collection to kick off September. Titled ‘Karma Drama’ the collection pays homage to the eternal struggle between right and wrong, and consists of button-up shirts and both long and short sleeve T-shirts.

As with the brand’s other collections, the new range carries a central theme, focusing on more of the ‘wrong’ choices that karma brings into question with designs like ‘Gaza Funk’, ‘Poom Poom Wrecker’, and ‘Vice City, Nice City’. A black Karma Drama shortsleeve and a grey longsleeve complete the T-shirt line, both with large text printed across the front.

The collection also includes three button-up shirts – two polka dot options in light grey and mint, both of which I’m really liking the look of, and a third blue and white striped Japanese denim shirt, finished with dark wooden buttons.

The range follows on nicely from the brand’s Summer ‘Hot Like Toast‘ collection, exploring more of what Grind have to offer in the cut & sew department. Check out the shoot, photographed by Joe Murphy, below. The collection launched today and is available now from Grind London.

Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-3 Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-4 Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-5 Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-6 Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-7 Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-8 Grind-London-Karma-Drama-Collection-9

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • luke

    Are those Roshe run premiums out yet, didnt think they were?

  • M1234

    Great concept.

  • rob

    nice looking collection, crewneck looks a little ill-fitting but I’m feeling the shirts

  • B

    each and every time

  • joe

    Really great collection, a huge fan of the polka dot button ups!

  • 60hz

    Dope ass collection.

  • Andrew

    Big look! Serious props

  • kunty

    the karma tee looks very familiar….

  • a

    The shirts look like they fit like primark shirts man, you comment monkeys will blow smoke up any brands ass if it’s pretentious enough

  • Ahow

    A is right, as far as i know Grind make really ill fitting shirts. Copped the paisley shirt a while back and it’s an awful cut.

  • dm

    Am I the only person that thinks these outfits all look like shit?

    And has nobody noticed that the guy has ******* accordions for sleeves?!

  • Liam

    not sure about the rest of their collection but the old venus l/s was printed on american apparel and these look the same. gutted, considering the price and the fact that I gave it away due to the horrific fit. their designs deserve more than being thrown on a shtty AA tee, great brand overall just could do with printing on say Hanes beefys or something more substancial than AA.

  • luke

    Gaza funk t shirt just arrived and for the quality of the tee the price tag just isnt justified, feels like its gunna shrink within one wash