Hentsch Man AW12 lookbook


Hentsch Man present their most extensive collection to date in the form of this Autumn/Winter 2012 lookbook.

Featuring a nice selection of their trademark tailoring, along with some more contemporary pieces, the collection has a good variation while still retaining a communal aesthetic. British forest camo features here and there, but isn’t over used or used in the wrong places.

This is a great collection for the smarter gentleman, but still remains casual and comfortable. There are plenty of pieces in here that can be worn in a more casual outfit and re-interpreted. It’s great to see this young British brand growing with such strength and firmly rooting themselves for a long and illustrious future.

Head over to Hentsch Man now to browse the collection.

Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-01 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-02 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-03 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-04 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-05 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-06 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-07 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-08 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-09 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-10 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-11 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-12 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-13 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-14 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-15 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-16 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-17 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-18 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-19 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-20 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-21 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-22 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-23 Hentsch-Man-AW12-Lookbook-24

Alex Synamatix

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  • http://www.godspeed-hellfire.com Bossman75

    Classic styling and simplistic cool on what appears to be very well made items. Good range of colours. Shame about all the blow on the floor. Model smiling makes a big difference in look books. As do topless hot chicks.