Critically Acclaimed Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection


UK streetwear brand Critically Acclaimed recently dropped their AW12 collection, hosting a selection of headwear, tees and hoodies.

The name Critically Acclaimed is a relatively new one to us, even though they established in early 2010, but this latest collection has brought them to our attention. Keeping things very simple and clean in style, the collection focuses on wearability and materials first and foremost. The headwear is probably the best example of this, with it’s unbranded approach and minimal vibe, it’s a nice counter-statement to the recent waves of patterned 5 panels.

The same minimal aesthetic finds it’s way to the Rose Winter zip hoodies, even though they do feature a rather bold floral pattern. Placing the patterned material on the inside give these items a varsity jacket quality to them and allows them to take a more subtle approach to the patterned print. Again, branding is at an absolute minimum on these UK sourced cut & sew hoodies, which is rare for a young brand trying to establish it’s name.

The t-shirt offerings are few and far between, with only two designs being offered. With quite varying style between them, the typography based t-shirt is the strongest offering with it’s clean, effective approach. The other t-shirt, although referencing the works of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, will undoubtedly draw regular comparisons to the works of Rockwell by Parra, if anything for it’s colourway and font.

For us, the strongest pieces have to be the most simple ones that are attempting to do something a little different but in an understated manor; the black and tweed snapback and the Rose Winter zip hoodies.

Head over to the Critically Acclaimed online store to find all of these products available.

Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-02 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-03 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-15 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-04 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-05 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-06 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-07 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-08 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-17 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-11 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-16 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-09 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-12 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-14 Critically-Acclaimed-Autumn-Winter-2012-13


Alex Synamatix

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  • Cal

    The guys seem to be on the right path. Some pieces arent as strong as others. The simplicity is there strong point. The hooded tops add a premium touch with the floral lining which is nice. IMO!

  • jcmcmxci

    no thanks to all of it

  • Joe

    Black heather hoodie is pretty fresh

  • logic

    agree with cal

  • jonny

    actually really like the simple look of all the products, not a big fan of their snapbacks, but the beanies are nice, and the floral hoodies are a nice touch, i picked a black and grey

  • dannyweed

    floral is gay

  • tedbongdy

    Hoody’s are ill!

  • pax

    Floral isn’t gay. indcsn proved that with their recent cap release.