Uniform Wares 152 & 203 series


As British wristwatch brand Uniform Wares continues to expand and grow, we see them offer up two new watches; the 152 and 203 series.

Aiming to make a modern redefinition of the traditional gentleman’s wrist watch, Uniform Wares have created the slimline 152 series with it’s 6.05mm profile and beautifully clean face. This watch doubles up as a women’s watch due to it’s unisex 35mm case and slim profile, perfect for slimmer wrists. The 203 series has a larger case than the 152, as well as the addition of a larger aperture date display than their previous watches, still retaining that effortless cleanliness in design that has made Uniform Wares so rapidly successful.

Head over to Uniform Wares where you can find both the 152 and 203 series priced between £180 and £280.

152 Series:

Uniform-Wares-152-series-01 Uniform-Wares-152-series-02 Uniform-Wares-152-series-03 Uniform-Wares-152-series-04 Uniform-Wares-152-series-05 Uniform-Wares-152-series-06

203 Series:

Uniform-Wares-203-series-01 Uniform-Wares-203-series-02 Uniform-Wares-203-series-03 Uniform-Wares-203-series-04 Uniform-Wares-203-series-05 Uniform-Wares-203-series-06

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