indcsn Late Summer lookbook


British favourite Indcsn come through with a lookbook for those of you still holding on to the promise of Summer, featuring tees, caps and the Costanza shirt.

The lookbook is shot in a very simple manner, with a clear focus on the apparel and nothing else. Styled by Luci Ellis and shot by Leonn Ward, the shots give off a striking nonchalant vibe, featuring only a bare wall and wooden floor.

The highlights of the collection, for me, are the play on the Champion tee and the Constanza shirt. The tee holds all of the connotations of quality and classic designs that you’d expect from a brand. The shirt on the other hand, is one that’s a little harder to appreciate, and indeed pull off, particularly as the colour palette is one that definitely shouts Summer.

The collection is available now, both directly from Indcsn as well as at independent retailers such as Chimp, The Candy Store, Urban Industry & Flat Spot amongst others.



Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • Dunce

    IMO weakest that they’ve done for a while now.

  • James

    the shirt is a bit salvation army


    Putting your clothes on a sweaty hipster on a K comedown really won’t make people want to buy in. Very Clammy

  • blk

    That shirt seriously?? Styles like that need to be ditched!

  • dannyweed

    the clothes are decent. the model and shoot is terrible. wierd lookin kid

  • JBradley

    Just poor versions of other brands… not a good look in my opinion.

  • tedbongdy

    Love the Ts, espesh the On The Run and Champion, I’m still not feeling the shirt, the colour pallet is a bit off for me, also not into the camps, they’re a bit to hxc for me.

  • Joshua

    Not pushed on the model / styling / photo’s but I think the clothing’s a big leap for indscn, I wasn’t into the earlier stuff but they’re definately making strong progress, especially for an independent brand run by a fairly young dude.