Nike Storyteller WHQ Campus Map 2012


We’re geeks at heart, and this doesn’t help that nerdy image one bit, but we love it. Here’s the official tour map of the Nike WHQ Campus in Beaverton, Oregon for your viewing pleasure.

The second these were handed out on the tour of the campus, it went straight in the pocket with only one intention – that was coming home and being treasured. It’s sad, near obsessive, but it’s just a part of who we are. Then we figured “What if we’re not the only people sad enough to find this interesting?”, so we scanned it in in high resolution and uploaded it on here for you all to see. The scans of each page are below and there’s a full quality pdf version at the bottom of this post that you can view and zoom in on to read.

The map not only features a nerdy birds eye view of the WHQ Campus, but some interesting text on the history of Nike and their current responsibilities and movements. It’s well worth a read/browse if you’re a Nike fan verging on dangerous obsession.

Make sure you check out our own story of when we visited the Nike WHQ Campus recently.


Nike-WHQ-Campus-Map-1_620e Nike-WHQ-Campus-Map-2_620e Nike-WHQ-Campus-Map-FULL-620e2

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