Represent ‘Built To Last’ Winter Waxed Jackets

Up and coming UK brand Represent have released three dual coloured, slim fitting waxed jackets for the colder Winter months. Each of the jackets feature a ‘Special Cherry Checked’ tartan-esque lining and are hand made in England using British Millerain 6oz cotton.

The jackets are a parker inspired piece, utilising a longer fit in the body. In addition to the branding on the breast, the jacket includes leather toggles on the hood and lower body with velcro wrist adjusters for a more suited fit. Inside you’ll find a pocket on the left inner breast, providing a touch of utility to the piece and a British Millerain label as a seal of approval.

Think what you will of the brand, but it’s refreshing to see a UK upstart so young working with one of the great British manufacturers like this. It’s a move more commonly seen by the big players such as Puma or the more extravagant UK Menswear outlets like Heritage Research.

The jackets are available now, directly from Represent for the price of £140.




Jonathon Bartlett

Jonathon is a freelance writer specialising in fashion and music journalism, having worked for the likes of MOO, Monocle, Light & Heavy and Versus Magazine.

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  • M1234

    Forward thinking. So damn nice!

  • Danny Weed

    “built to last” is a Norse slogan???

    These look like a bad version of the palace jackets…

  • Scott

    Absolutely nothing to dislike about these. Their british made and they seem a brand really pushing towards the better things. Colourways are nice, and the tartan inner works. Great job!

  • D

    Agreed with above, thought I was looking at the Palace jackets. Logo is too much as well.

  • Joshua

    I don’t support a brand that supports rizzle kicks.

  • Josh G

    Suppose it’s just my personal opinion and I can’t see them changing it, but the logo for me is too much, unless they fixed that these would never have anything on Norse.

  • Cal

    Represent seem to do better on there own so it seems. Good progress.

  • Jay

    I’m confused as to why people are saying these look like the palace jackets, they clearly haven’t seen them in the flesh, the Palace ones are like half waxed, there’s a type logo and the cut is completely different, they’re not even zip for a start.

    On the other hand, these jackets are amazing, the quality looks superb and they’re made in England. The only downside is choosing which colour to buy, because they’re all fresh.

  • George

    I see the owner of Represent quite a bit in the town i live, he drives past me to school quite often, haha.
    Looking forward to bigger things from Represent next year, going to be a great brand, can see it.

  • Rob

    Yes these are BIG!
    Ii don’t see any norse or palace here whatsoever, Josh G, Danny, please explain?

  • JonM

    Think Represent need to stop copying Only NY & Patta.
    The jackets are a product you don’t see from a small brand like these, but are very similar to the Only NY ‘mountain’ parka.
    Take a look at their site and you see the same logo designs as Only NY, just tweaked slightly.
    They need to get some originality to their brand.

  • Paul

    It is clear that they have ripped ONLY NY in ever one of their collections
    Youd think on a item like this they would take the time to do something different

  • Harry

    I feel awful saying it but I would cop a jacket if it didn’t have that logo on it. The jackets themselves are really nice but that brand doesn’t offer enough for me to buy into.

  • e11even


    Agreed, lovely looking jackets, but I would never buy into Represent as a brand. It’s a shame really.