Dark Nature Clothing Spring Mini-Collection


After a brief hiatus, Dark Nature Clothing have released a mini collection of 4 products for Spring with a slightly new aesthetic. Black and White imagery is central to the drop which also includes Old English fonts and Medieval graphics.

The drop is compromised of 2 tees, a pullover hoody and a beanie, each fairly simple in it’s own right but the type and colours (or lack of) tie it all together nicely. The brand have been criticised for jumping on a style that’s been utilised by a few other brands before them, but for me, no one using Old English-style fonts can really claim to be that original.

Regardless of their influences or intentions, Dark Nature have created a short and sweet collection that fits with what a lot of people want from streetwear at the moment, and it’s modestly priced at £10 to £30. Hopefully there’s more to come from the brand this year that will see them move away from stock tees and fleece onto bigger and better things. For now you can pick up the items below from Dark Nature Clothing.

Dark-Nature-Clothing-Spring-Mini-Collection-2 Dark-Nature-Clothing-Spring-Mini-Collection-3 Dark-Nature-Clothing-Spring-Mini-Collection-4 Dark-Nature-Clothing-Spring-Mini-Collection-5

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • logic

    i’d just like to say this is crap

  • Josh

    Completely ripped off Noisev and Blood of the young with the No Hard Feelings Tee. Quality still looking awfully suspect and designs pretty uninspiring.

  • J

    I agree, so dull. Nothing that sets this apart from all the other brands you find on tumblr.


    Is this a band?

  • JVRD


  • Ken Jaxon

    You should go to design school and master your craft or possess immense natural talent before even attempting to bring out a collection. DNC has done neither.

  • a

    SICK. look forward to seeing more. -__-

  • B

    As an above commenter said, this looks like band merch. The dude who runs this should spend less time taking selfies on tumblr and more time coming up with some original concepts. Or failing that, just knock it on the head

  • T

    These things get worse each time

  • Freddy

    Horrible attempt at ripping Patta off. Photos get worse every time, ever heard of an iron?

  • Al

    Why are the photos shot on an iPhone…
    I guess the it matches the standard their work is at…mmm

  • http://www.screwface-clothing.com Screwface Clothing

    look at these shit brands you guys feature yet you never answer my emails!!!!

  • squireel

    ScrewFace Clothing, your clothes are shit too. In fact they’re probably worse. Grow up.

  • G

    The guy is doing a good job with the styles aand motifs hes chosen to go with, sure it’s not hugely original but he’s developing a popular theme I assume he enjoys which is fair play : )

  • logic

    ^^ pahaha

  • a

    hahaha @ squireel to screwface. couldnt help but laugh. havent looked at screwface before. but come on TDS screwface has a point. At least REPLY to the emails you are sent by these up and coming brands, if you are going to feature stuff like this. Its fine to have certain standards and brands should be up to a level before you want to post, but posting this and im sure you have had submissions from a bunch of brands better then this. how come this gets some light and the others dont?

  • Scott

    All the haters can pipe down now, the brand has now finished.