Recap: adidas launches new BOOST technology

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Last week saw adidas unveil it’s latest secretive step forward in the running game; BOOST technology.

The focus of this innovation, as the name suggests, is to boost the runner and to increase the energy return in running footwear. We won’t go into too much detail about the technology in this post, saving that for a full on geek-fest to come shortly, but let’s just give you the basic idea. BOOST uses solid granular material, blown up into little capsules and somehow stuck together tightly to form the distinctive looking midsole. The end result? A shoe that feels like lots of very strong little men are under your foot pushing you up with every step. It’s quite weird at first because it is genuinely noticeable.

Launching with it’s first model in the form of the adidas Energy Boost, adidas held a very secretive launch event that had little information surrounding it other than the fact it was at adidas HQ and would be the launch of a new running shoe technology. Little did we expect it to be something quite this grand.

More info on the Energy Boost will be online shortly with a full write-up for the shoe nerds. For now, you can have a look at it in some nice yellow light below.

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