size? x Nike NSW ‘Perf’ Pack


size? grab the global exclusive on this luxurious ‘Perf’ Pack from Nike NSW, including the Air Max Light, Zoom All Court 2 Low and Blazer ’77 Mid, locking them down for team UK.

Think what you will of size?, but we love their ability to be able to lock down serious footwear on a global level, keeping it a UK exclusive. Something that used to be a very rare occurrence and much more common to the likes of Japan. Here we see the use of perforated suede slapped all over some classic Nike models and it works wonders. Reminiscent of the aesthetic that the Vac Tec premium pack introduced in September 2011, these tonal beauts have a real air of luxury to them and the colour choice of Wheat or Royal Blue can’t be faulted (is there anything more satisfying than how that Nike Air logo pops on the heel of the Royal Blue Air Max light?).

The only downside to this pack is that the general theme of the collection isn’t upheld with the Blazer ’77. Yes, they do feature perforated suede in the right colours, and yes it’s kinda cool how they have flipped the use of leather and perf suede, but they just stand out like a saw thumb and don’t have that luxury cool that the other two models have. You can’t win everything.

The pack lands in all size? stores and their webstore this Saturday, with the Air Max Light coming in at £100, the Zoom All Court 2 Low at £65 and the Blazer ’77 Mid at £80.

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