Air Jordan IV Retro Fire Red ‘Toro Bravo’


We’re pretty open minded when it comes to new variations of our favourite Jordan models. Granted most of the new colour options don’t provide the same excitement that comes with classics from back in the day but there are plenty of non OG models that evoke a feeling that deserve an equal amount of respect and admiration. This Air Jordan IV ‘Toro Bravo’ is the latest instalment which sees a non OG colourway applied to a true classic, with excellent results.

This release takes on the theme found on another non OG make-up from 2009, the Air Jordan V ‘Toro Bravo’, and basically applies it to the Air Jordan IV. It’s a simple but very effective modern rendition of a classic that stays within the frame work of the Chicago Bulls’ powerful colour palette. It’s probably why this one, although new, looks like it could of been worn on the court by Michael Jordan in 1988. That full fire red upper is a look that might put people off on the first glance, but the white outsole and black and grey hits provide some balance that stops this make-up from stepping over the line in to the gimmick realm. It’s a glaring piece of footwear that sits well amongst other AJ IV favourites and a new variation that seems to have all the right ingredients to earn the respect of even the most seasoned Air Jordan fan.

The Air Jordan IV ‘Toro Bravo’ will be released this Saturday 13 June over at Crooked Tongues.

Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-02 Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-03 Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-04 Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-05 Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-06 Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-07 Air-Jordan-IV-Retro-Fire-Red-Toro-Bravo-08

Chris Benfield

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