Nike Air Huarache LE (size? UK Exclusives)


size? continue their recent run of Nike exclusives with two new colourways in the Huarache LE featuring elephant print uppers. Hype around the Huarache is at an all time high, following the reissue of two OG colourways earlier this year, and while these are a move away from the simplicity of the OGs, they are likely to be received just as well.

The first colourway to release will be the above Grey/Royal/Pink version, featuring grey elephant print, pink & dark purple neoprene and a royal blue heel support. This colourway is definitely the highlight of the pair and bears a certain resemblance to the royal blue/pink OG, the grey blending nicely with the white of the toe and midsole. The second colourway in Navy/Royal/Green is the darker of the two and features blue, green and black upper atop a white midsole. Many will be pleased to see that both models feature mesh toe-boxes, and it’s the crisp, white nature of that belonging to the first colourway which helps this one edge ahead.

These are two bold and powerful renditions of the Huarache LE, and though I prefer the more understated make up of other models, the Huarache is by no means a reserved piece of footwear, and it’s nice to see the creativity up a few notches with these. The Grey/Royal/Pink colourway of the Huarache LE releases this Saturday August 10th at size?, while the Navy/Royal/Green colourway will follow a week later on Saturday August 17th, both priced at £95. Check out a detailed look at both models below.

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Adam Scotland

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  • Jack Shelley

    I really like these but i’m wondering what they will look like in larger sizes? The size shown looks quite triangular and small, i’ve got massive feet so am keen to see if they still retain their chunky but compact look in bigger sizes.

  • Jade

    How do I preorder the grey/royal/pink huaraches?

  • Chris

    Great colours and always good to see the huarache, unfortunately though if the toe box is as off as the og retros were from febuary it will be another sad waste!

  • Charlenne

    I would like to order the pink/grey and blue huraches.. How do I go about this?! Please help!… My 15 year old daughter wants them for her birthday…. Thank you…

  • Alex Synamatix

    Hi Charlenne, you’ll need to head to or drop by a size? store to do that.

  • Eve

    Does anyone know if they sell these is in a uk4 and when the next batch is coming out because i have been on the size? website and they don’t have any left!

  • Charlenne

    Hi there, thank you for your reply.. Sold out!!!! Everywhere!!! eBay at £180+ if anyone REALLY wants a pair!

  • Charlenne

    @Eve, shop called SIZE in Carnaby street, London. I got a pair today! Size website won’t have them, you have to go to the store. Both colours available. Good luck… :)