Reading List: August 2013


Here at The Daily Street we love a good publication. In fact, we love print. So we’ve decided to start a new monthly post called “Reading List” to recommend what we think are essential reads for the month.

In an age where information comes at you from all directions and at super-speed, we live a life of “in one ear, out the other” but through our eyes. Staring at screens all day long, filling the gaps away from your computer with smartphones and tablets, it’s still all about what you know, but more to do with the speed and quantity rather than the quality. This is were the world of print media reigns; good, high quality, thought out content that requires investment from the reader, be it financial or time related.

We love printed things; books, magazines, publications, pamphlets, posters. If it’s been printed in some shape or form there’s always an attraction. Maybe it’s the added risk of printing something – you can’t be as careless about putting out content when you’re printing it as it costs money. Maybe it’s the hands on appeal. Or maybe it’s the act of sitting down and taking time out of your day to read something. Who knows what it is that draws us to printed material, but it is something and it’s slightly different for everyone, making it personal.

In our first edition of Reading List we’ve recommended a selection of books and publications that we’ve read and think that you should too. Some of them are readily available and some of them aren’t – for the ones that aren’t, we’re simply saying “If you ever get a chance to flick through this, we’d advise it”. This month features the likes of VNA, Kinfolk, ARTICLE and On Bullshit.

Enjoy …


Kinfolk Volume Eight

“Kinfolk has very quickly become one of my favourite magazines. Its simple concept of content based on small gatherings and things to do, coupled with the super clean design and incredible photography make it a joy to read. The lack of advertising is also appreciated. I couldn’t recommend this quarterly highly enough.” – Alex

Purchase Kinfolk Volume Eight for £9.79



“I stumbled upon ARTICLE in a store in Shoreditch lately and couldn’t resist it’s charms. Printed on heavy stock with gold foil detailing and an open spine, the visual alone draws me in. The content is well written and makes for an interesting read leading me to think that this magazine has a strong future ahead of it (hopefully).” – Alex

Find out more about ARTICLE Magazine


Desillusion Issue 41

“Having got my hands on the latest issue of Desillusion from the folks in France, I can cay that it doesn’t disappoint. The large format, soft colours and matte paper stock all make for more of a coffee book than a magazine. The photography is top notch and the layout it challenging without pushing into the realms of confusion. More than worth the £8.50 price tag.” – Alex

Purchase Desillusion Issue 41 for €10


We Make Magazines

“I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this book at the last Monocle Country Fayre, casually picking it up for £20 brand new. Having read it from cover to cover I strongly recommended that Chris pick up his own copy as an essential read – only to discover that it’s selling for nearly £1,000 on Amazon. It must have been fate, but if you have the slightest bit of interest in magazines and independent publications and at any moment in life you get the opportunity to pick up this book for a reasonable price of even just flick through it, I strongly advise you do without hesitation.” – Alex

Purchase We Make Magazines for £904.49


Quiet by Susan Cain

“Quiet by Susan Cain is an intriguing book and will probably be more suited for anyone who leans towards more introverted and creative tendencies. If anyone is looking for new ideas on how to harness those assets in the extroverted society we live in, then Quiet could be a book of interest.” – Chris

Purchase Quiet for £6.45


On Bullshit by Harry G. Frankfurt

“I saw this little hardback book and its title immediately grabbed my attention. Although we all have an idea of what “bullshit” is, Harry G. Frankfurt claims that we don’t actually have a theory on the matter. Bullshit is a quick read that will fine tune your bullshit radar.” – Chris

Purchase On Bullshit for £5.21


VNA Issue 23

“VNA is a great resource for those interested in street art and graffiti, and is presented in a format that really does the artwork featured justice. Issue 23 includes some great pieces with cover artists FAILE and Newcastle’s Prefab77, documents plenty of street art and incorporates a few fashion pages too.” – Adam

Purchase VNA Issue 23 for £5.99


Adidas Spezial

“Following adidas’ Spezial exhibition in London I was fortunate enought to get my hands on this definitive guide to the product history of the brand with three stripes, told from a fans perspective. The book inludes testimonials from some well-known adi collectors and the stories behind their favourite shoes from the archive making for a real unique experience.” – Adam

The Adidas Spezial Book is not available to purchase

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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