Filthy Club Collection 01 Lookbook

Filthy Club Collection 01 Lookbook 001

Filthy Club return with their first full collection titled “Collection 01″ presented in this zine-inspired lookbook.

Spawning from the popular FucknFilthy, we first announced the news that the brand may be adopting a new name back in July and it’s been a long awaited return from the brand directed by photographer Joshua Gordon. There hasn’t been a full collection from Joshua since the FF2012/01 Collection in July 2012, so we’re expecting a lot of happy customers as the brand returns in it’s long awaited new form.

Inspired by “the gritty underbelly of the weird and wonderful”, the collection playfully nods to British rave culture and the psychedelia of Acid House. Enlisting the creative talents of artists Jiro Bevis, Michael Willis, Tom Darracott and Peter Doyle for illustrations and graphics, the collection is tightly uniformed in it’s direction considering the amount of people involved in it’s creation. This is without a doubt down to the creative direction and vision of the singular person stood behind the brand and although people seem to love to highlight the fact that almost all the design work is not done in-house by the creative director himself, I don’t see this as a negative when strong, uniform collections are the end result. It’s a strength to know where your weaknesses lie and to counter them with other people’s expertise and talents.

The lookbook reflects the collaborative culture of the brand, with the photography being provided by both Joshua Gordon and Leonn Ward and the visual concept coming from Tim Head, referencing the fanzine culture and promotional material aesthetics of the ’90s British rave movement. In the words of Joshua Gordon:

“Each shot brings clarity and context to the collection’s referential designs and celebrate the raw talent that lies within our shores.”

You can pick up items from Collection 01 from the Filthy Club website now.

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  • Tall person

    Let’s hope they aren’t made for midgets this time round. A toddler wouldn’t have fit in the XL from the last drop

  • SS.

    Killer, executed very nicely.

  • Foley

    Lovely lookbook, backdrops are a nice touch

  • a

    John Connor?