A look at Rebecca Naen & Hayley McCarthy’s “Girls in” series in colour

Girls in Presence Rebecca Naen Hayley McCarthy COLOUR The Daily Street

We take an exclusive look back at some of the highlight shots from Rebecca Naen & Hayley McCarthy‘s “Girls in” series, but this time in colour.

Selecting one out take from each shoot, Rebecca presents the photographs in colour for an alternate view on what was a black & white project. It’s always interesting to see the difference that colour can bring to a photograph, and it’s not always a positive one. Your eyes are drawn to different areas of the image, things that were once clear can fade into their background, but at the same time the complete opposite can also happen when colour is introduced, with new details becoming visible and a whole different story being told by the same image. As mentioned before, it’s something that can be truly fascinating to observe, and here we are fortunate enough to have the rare opportunity of comparison. In this instance, it’s interesting to see how much of the masculine power that the original shoots held was in the use of black & white over colour, with these colour alternatives having a distinctly more feminine visual appeal.

We’re happy to have been so heavily involved in what was an important year for this young creative duo and look forward to watching their journeys unfold into the future.

Girls in Print
Girls in Play
Girls in Prologue
Girls in Presence

Girls in Play Prologue Rebecca Naen Hayley McCarthy COLOUR The Daily Street Girls-in-Print-Rebecca-Naen-Hayley-McCarthy-COLOUR-The-Daily-Street-02

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