Music Monday: February Week 3

It’s time for another edition of our weekly Music Monday. This week features the likes of Kanye West, Beyoncé, Limp Bizkit, Dave Brubeck, Jean Jacques Burnel and Codes In The Clouds.

01. El Michels Affair – C.R.E.A.M.
“I’ve been going to music that soothes the misery of England’s current weather conditions. This cover by El Michels Affair (and the rest of the album) is the perfect antidote.” – Chris

02. Dave Brubeck – Take Five
“This vibrant and feel good classic was on a lot this week.” – Chris

03. Beyoncé – Drunk In Love
“Every girl you know is probably rinsing this but lets face it, it’s a pretty strong track.” – Luke

04. Blind Prophet – Sunset
“I’m pretty sure it’s the cold weather doing this to me but I keep drawing for tunes that remind me of summer. This track is a PERFECT summer riddim.” – Luke

05. Beenie Man – Bossman ft. Lady Saw and Sean Paul
“I randomly thought of this tune the other day and remembered how much I liked it when I was about 15 and it still sounds so good. Such an underrated tune of this era” – Luke

06. Jean Jacques Burnel – Euroman
“J.J Burnel was notably associated with the the punk band The Stranglers but come 1979 this is the type of thing he was making on a solo path. I have kind of fallen in love with this album. Jean is Franco- English and that shines through in this album that sounds like british rock music of 1979 going on a little european trip.” – Luke

07. Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff
“I found myself blasting out classic Limp Bizkit all of Friday and having a very good time. Been too long since I’ve listened to this band and it dug up some great childhood memories.” – Alex

08. Pearson Sound – Raindrops
“Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman has been one of my all-time favourite electronic artists for years now and this piece title Raindrops is a great example of why.” – Alex

09. Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (The Weeknd Remix)
“Banger. You can also download it here.” – Alex

10. Codes In The Clouds – Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape
“One of my favourite Post-Rock bands Codes In The Clouds have released this official music video to their song Don’t Go Awash In This Digital Landscape to celebrate the 5th anniversary of one of my favourite albums Paper Canyon. A lot of favourites there, especially as they are on one of my favourite labels Erased Tapes. It’s also a very fitting track title considering the talk I was involved in last week.” – Alex


Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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