Inside the Sneaker Freaker x Nike ‘Genealogy of Innovation’ Book


Sneaker Freaker have worked with Nike to document the impressive Genealogy of Innovation in one handy publication.

If you didn’t get a chance to take a walk through Nike’s history of innovation at the recent Nike Phenonemal House space during the World Cup, this 240+ page book catalogues the brand’s leaps forward in footwear innovation, starting in 1971 with ‘The Nike’ football boot – the first footwear product to ever wear a swoosh.

The book takes a look at 200 of the most important Nike shoes and football boots and features interviews with several designers, including Tinker Hatfield and Martin Lotti, and other industry insiders who each offer their own thoughts on Nike’s footwear revolution. Sneaker Freaker worked extra hard to include a number of vintage Nike advertisements which support the releases, making this book extra special.

The Genealogy of Innovation book is unfortunately not sure sale, but you can head to Sneaker Freaker for a chance to WIN yourself a copy by signing up and answering one simple question. You can also take a look at a number of spreads from the book below.

Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-1 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-2 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-3 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-4 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-5 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-6 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-7 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-8 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-9 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-10 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-11 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-12 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-13 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-14 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-15 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-16 Win-Sneaker-Freaker-Nike-Genealogy-of-Innovation-Book-17

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Alex Synamatix

    Such a good book!

  • blcklistd

    i actually want a copy… good to see ya at crepe btw

  • PriamofWilusa

    I would sell my kidney to science for this bad boy if I hadn’t already for that last pair of Fieg’s….