Instagram of the week: @glasgowrob


This week’s Instagram of the week is one for the geeky sneakerheads – Robert Stewart aka @glasgowrob aka one of the best sneaker restorers in the UK.

There’s a certain point in any sneaker lover’s life where you find yourself muttering about the shape of sneakers. For some, it’s a level you’re proud of achieving, almost used as a calling card amongst other sneaker lover’s of how deep your knowledge goes… “The toebox has never been the same since the early ’90s” or “It’s OK but that midsole is bullshit compared to the original”. You’ve probably heard these sorts of things before, maybe even spoken them yourself or read them on The Daily Street (yes, we are prone to a good shape rant, especially when it comes to an Air Max 1 or Air Pegasus 89).

Robert Stewart is the man that fixes all this. He takes sneakers apart and rebuilds them, sometimes very literally. He irons toe boxes back into shape. Sometimes he unstitches them to remove excess material on the inside. He’s placed Nike Air Max 1 Jewels on an Air Max 90 tooling (and it’s awesome!). He’s even gone as far as 3D printing a new heel counter for his New Balance M1300JP after the original cracked.

Basically, if you love sneakers on a geeky level, you need to be following @glasgowrob on Instagram.

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Alex Synamatix

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