Introducing: Coloquy

Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 001

Coloquy is a new sneaker brand coming out of Stockholm, Sweden, creating clean, minimalist, luxury designs. We take a look at their debut offering, the Tarmac sneaker.

Hand crafted in Portugal, the Tarmac is Coloquy’s first offering and currently their only one. A vintage shape given a modern luxury twist, the Tarmac is what Coloquy call a “Quarter Top” sneaker (slightly higher than a low top and slightly lower than a mid top) and is reminiscent of a Chukka style. Launching with 4 colourways, the Tarmac is currently a tonal affair, with natural colours drawing the focus to the premium materials.

This is a premium affair. The Tarmac is constructed from either suede or nubuck and features a smooth calf leather lining, with materials being sourced from Italy or Portugal. The outsole is made from natural rubber and the shoe itself features a metal shank – something normally found in dress shoe construction. To add those finishing touches, all purchases come with 2 sets of laces, a printed tote bag, and a notebook for owners to “document the memorable moments, thoughts, ideas and conversations we hope owners will encounter on their walkabouts”.

Currently, the only place to purchase Coloquy sneakers is via their website. However, the brand is looking to move into stockists soon and we expect that will include a couple in the UK.

Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 002 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 003 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 004 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 005 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 006 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 007 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 008 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 009 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 010 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 011 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 012 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 013 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 014 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 015 Coloquy TARMAC sneaker 016

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  • totesnotgood

    270 for plain shoes Ay caramba ! They are just like those awful common projects. All copied from Stan smiths. May as well cop some Topman