Kate Moss “Never Enough” 4 covers for AnOther Magazine A/W14


10 years since their last Kate Moss cover, AnOther Magazine welcome Kate back to their front page, but this time for 4 different covers each by different creative duos.

The 4 covers are supposed to signify the versatility of Kate Moss as a muse within fashion and art, each depicting a different Kate and each by a different leading creative partnership: Kate the Warholian muse by Olivier Rizzo and Willy Vanderperre; Kate the film star by Collier Schorr and Katy England; a sensual, sun-dappled Kate by Alasdair McLellan and Alister Mackie; Kate the provocateur by Craig McDean and Rizzo. Speaking on the covers and Kate’s ability to be unique for each different creative combination, AnOther’s editor-in-chief Jefferson Hack said the following…

“These stories are precisely about Kate Moss the fashion icon, not Kate Moss the person, who uses her intuition to interpret and bring to life in her unique way the vision of her collaborators. This is why we can never get enough of Kate…she is beyond fashion.”

We agree with Jefferson, you can never get enough Kate and although these are all very strong covers, it’s the Warholian muse Kate Moss by Olivier Rizzo and Willy Vanderperre that stands out as the winner for us. No one does relaxed simplicity like Kate.

Head over to AnOther Magazine to find out more about the A/W14 issue and where you can pick it up.

Kate-Moss-Never-Enough-AnOther-Magazine-cover-AW14-01 Kate-Moss-Never-Enough-AnOther-Magazine-cover-AW14-02 Kate-Moss-Never-Enough-AnOther-Magazine-cover-AW14-03 Kate-Moss-Never-Enough-AnOther-Magazine-cover-AW14-04

Alex Synamatix

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