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This week’s Instagram of the week goes to one of London’s most inspirational people (and Instagram accounts); Run Dem Crew head honcho, Charlie Dark.

As a good friend of The Daily Street and a general inspiration all round, it’s about time we gave Charlie a mention on the site. It’s also his birthday this week, so what better a time to select his motivational Instagram account as our Instagram of the week. If you don’t follow Charlie already, we strongly suggest you do, especially if you’re into Nike running sneakers, running in general, Hip-Hop, music in general, positivity and the power of helping others. It may seem like a bit of an idealistic list, but those who follow Charlie on Instagram, and especially those who are fortunate enough to know him personally, will agree that it’s by no means over the top. He also used to wear some rad shit back in the day and has no shame in posting old photos of himself (see below).

Happy birthday Charlie Dark. We salute you and all your efforts for others through Run Dem Crew and your various projects. Head over to Instagram to follow Charlie.

Instagram-of-the-week-charliedarkrdc-06 Instagram-of-the-week-charliedarkrdc-08 Instagram-of-the-week-charliedarkrdc-01 Instagram-of-the-week-charliedarkrdc-02 Instagram-of-the-week-charliedarkrdc-09 Instagram-of-the-week-charliedarkrdc-10

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