Glen E. Friedman ‘My Rules’ – London Exhibition and Book

Glen-E-Friedman-My-Rules–London-Exhibition-and-Book-07Few photographers have documented the genesis of skateboarding, hip-hop and hardcore in America like Glen E. Friedman. Responsible for most of those iconic images you’ve probably seen of RUM DMC, Jay Adams, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and Minor Threat scattered across tumblr and the rest of the internet, Friedman’s approach to documenting three of the most counter-cultural movements is as unique as the pivotal moments he captured.

Without a doubt, one of the most important photographers our time, Friedman’s images have allowed us to tap into the energy, attitude and rebellion of some of the most important sub-cultural movements of the past 40 years. Friedman’s most recent book ‘My Rules’, by Rizolli, features over 300 images and is Friedman’a 7th publication. The book not only features hundreds of iconic images, but is accompanied by texts from the subjects in the photos, contemplating their experiences. The book serves as an incredible documentation of the sub-cultures and spirit of those times and is an important piece of work. If you’re too obsessed about the next hype release to even give this a glance, then shame on you. This is a slice of where it all began.

To coincide with the book, an exhibition of Friedman’s photos will be in London for next couple of months, which features over 50 colour and black and white prints, many which have never been exhibited before. It also includes installations from Ice-T, Ian MacKaye and unreleased audio interview between Friedman and Jay Adams.

The opening night is tonight, with a viewing open to the public from 8–10pm, and it’s a free exhibition.

The book can also be purchased here.

My Rules

Glen E. Friedman

14 Henrietta Street



21 November 2014 – 18 January 2015

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