10 highest earning sneaker resellers of 2014


Ever wondered just how lucrative sneaker reselling can be? Well here are some stats on just how much money the top 10 highest earning resellers made last year… It surprised even us.

Anyone with a keen eye can see that markups for sneakers on the second hand market are going through the roof lately, not for all sneakers, but some in particular. It doesn’t take a sharp mind to think “If I could get hold of several of those and get rid of them at the right time, I’d be doing alright!”. Well it seems like a few people are doing more than alright. I knew people made a living off of this, but to become millionaires in a year?! Madness. That is definitely an anomaly however, as the top 2 sellers made more money collectively than the next 23 sellers combined.

Below if the list of the 10 highest earning sneaker resellers of 2014 on eBay. I’m not sure wether this list should be looked upon as a who’s-who of deadstock sneaker business or a sneaker equivalent to America’s most wanted terrorists list. That’s a different story altogether.

01. solesupremacysales $2.71 million
02. thecoolshoeshine $1.79 million
03. uniqosolecome $300,000
04. ezsneakers12 $260,000
05. iconic_footwear $250,000
05. richiedge $250,000
07. croatianstyle $230,000
08. soleoriginal $220,000
08. calikicks949 $220,000
08. sneakertique $220,000

Head over to Campless to read the full article and check out more stats about last year.

Alex Synamatix

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  • http://instagram.com/youdamannowdogg youdamannowdogg

    Is this non-inclusive of the money some of them make off apparel? Thought croatianstyle was well into the milli’s!