Nike Free 2015 collection

Nike Free 2015 collection 01

Nike announce their latest instalments in Free technology with the 2015 Free 3.0 Flyknit, Free 4.0 Flyknit and Free 5.0.

As Nike continue to evolve their Free technology and the sneakers using it, it’s interesting to see the Free/Flyknit combination start to move from being the experimental outsider to dominating the collection. It’s clear that this is where Nike feel the future of the Free line lies. It also looks really good, which is a bonus, and most likely a contributing factor to its growth in the collection, as much as Nike wouldn’t like to admit that.

Focusing on the principle that less is more, the 2015 offerings continue to strip away as much from the shoe as possible while still providing the foot with the right amount of protection. The Free 3.0 Flyknit is Nike’s closest offering to barefoot running, with only 4mm of heel-to-toe offset and a snug Flyknit upper. The Free 4.0 Flyknit shares a lot with the 3.0 Flyknit, but has a 6mm offset and a contoured Flyknit upper. Lastly, the Free 5.0 is Nike’s most cushioned of the 3, with an 8mm offset and an engineered upper – this is the starter shoe for those just entering the world of Free.

You can learn more about Nike Free technology in our interview with Nike Free creator Tobi Hatfield.

The Nike Free 2015 collection will drop at on April 2nd, with the 2 Flyknit options being available a little earlier via NIKEiD today.

Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_718418_006_LAT.psd Nike Free 2015 3.0 Flyknit 03 Nike Free 2015 3.0 Flyknit 04 Nike Free 2015 3.0 Flyknit 06 Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_718418_006_OUT.psd Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_486661_330_LAT.psd Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_486661_330_HEEL.psd Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_486661_330_TOP_flip.psd Nike Free 2015 4.0 06 Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_486661_330_OUT.psd Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_724382_600_LAT.psd Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_486661_330_HEEL.psd Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_486661_330_TOP_flip.psd Nike Free 2015 5.0 06 Nike_Running_SU15_STNDRD_724382_600_OUT.psd

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