Four To The Floor: The only good music show on TV

Four To The Floor is the only decent music program on TV. Carrying on from where last season left off, the show picks whatever artists people are actually listening to and gives them a platform to perform for an audience that they might not ordinarily have.

Broadcast at 24:00 on Wednesdays, the show’s first season saw Four To The Floor feature artists like Joey Bada$$, Little Simz and Young Fathers. This season has seen Little Simz re-up for another feature, along with Earl Sweatshirt and Manchester super group Levelz.

The reason why this show is so good is in part because of the performances, which feel close and are shot in a way that gives an extra dimension; it’s not just the artist on a stage performing their latest release. There isn’t a lot of great music television around at the moment and this is a program worth watching. Inbetween the performances you can end up watching a spoken word piece by Tommy Sissons on the nature of the universe or a clip from an interview with Novelist’s mum. It keeps you on your toes.

The whole of series one and the episodes of series two that have already aired are available to watch on All 4 and you can check out the guys that made it at Lemonade Money.

Seth Footring

Seth is a new member of The Daily Street team who's no longer fresh out of university. When he isn't wondering if he's already peaked he works at a large online retailer and writes mildly interesting blog posts.

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