Recap: Quai 54 World Streetball Championship 2015 (Paris)

Quai 54-18

Recently we had the pleasure of heading to Paris with Jordan Brand to attend the Quai 54 World Streetball Championship. Here’s what went down…

Firstly, let me commend Paris on their awesome weather and energetic basketball following. Within minutes, all of us Brits at the venue were commenting on how much we wish this happened in London. On arrival, the sound system was bumping and the crowd were all on their feet, dancing in the stands. To be fair, I’m not sure many people used their seats at all throughout the weekend. From live music performances (French Hip-Hop is still amazing), to children’s dance-offs, to the main event, there was a constant flow of entertainment on the court.

Outside of the court, you could find food stalls, a Nike x Quai 54 merchandise stand, and even a barber. This was the kind of event that once you enter, you don’t want to leave, and you have very little reason to.

The basketball was fast and intense, as expected from a streetball tournament, and the standard was high. Between this, the crowd, the weather and the jaw dropping location, it’s fair to say that I was deeply envious of the French the whole time.

Thanks to Jordan Brand for the opportunity to check out Quai 54. It’s definitely made it onto my list for must-do annual events!

Photography: Alex Synamatix for The Daily Street

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Alex Synamatix

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