Unused ‘Mickey’ capsule collection

Unused Mickey capsule collection 01

Unused present a small capsule collection featuring a classic Mickey Mouse motif on the front, across a range of premium basics.

For some reason, I have always had a soft spot for a classic Mickey Mouse design. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. I wasn’t even a huge fan of the cartoon. It would seem that someone at Unused has a similar soft spot, placing Mickey on a selection of tees and sweats this season. It’s all about the white options (which is almost all of the options) in this capsule. The white hoody, although a tad pricey, is the key piece without a doubt, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the popularity of white hoodies at the moment.

Featuring the white Unused label in all of the garments, this signifies that the product have been washed and therefore pre-shrunk (black labels signify the opposite).

Head over to Goodhood to purchase from the capsule collection.

Unused Mickey capsule collection 02 Unused Mickey capsule collection 03 Unused Mickey capsule collection 04 Unused Mickey capsule collection 05

Alex Synamatix

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