The news it out! We’ve written a series of books on sneakers, denim, and T-shirts titled ICONS OF STYLE.

It was a lot of work to put these together, and even more work to keep it a secret, but a huge thanks to everyone who helped us make this happen, from our publisher to the brands and the collectors who lent us shoes and their knowledge.

The ICONS OF STYLE series has a simple mission; explore fifty of the most iconic products/moments to impact style, specifically in the realm of streetwear. We decided to focus on 3 of the core elements to any good outfit; sneakers, T-shirts, and denim. The books run in chronological order, from the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star of 1923 to the adidas Originals ZX FLUX of 2014, the classic white T-shirt of 1898 to the COMMES des FUCKDOWN T-shirt of 2012, the Levi’s XX of 1873 to the Levi’s x Junya Watanabe patchwork jeans of 2011. It’s all there.

Written by Alex Synamatix, Adam ‘Suffocake’ Scotland, and Chris Benfield, the books feature the hidden depths of our knowledge, expertise, and obsessions. Undoubtedly, there will be moments and releases that haven’t been included that will upset a few fanatics, but you’d be surprised how small a number 50 is when you start listing all the iconic sneakers. We had to be very strict in ensuring it was specifically the products/moments that had the largest impact on style, and I think we’ve done a solid job of that (it was a stressful experience whittling out the last few stragglers).

Published by Mitchell Beazley of the Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, the books are hardback and come in a handy format that make them easy to keep on your person.

This is a big landmark moment for us here at THE DAILY STREET and we’re proud to present to you our first venture into the world of publishing; ICONS OF STYLE.

Head over to Amazon to purchase the books for £8 a pop and check out some of our favourite spreads below.

Special thanks to our Commissioning Editor, Joe Cottington, and all those who helped us source images and/or product. There’s too many of you to list here, but you are all of course listed in the books.

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