Grind London AW15 ‘Everything, Always’ lookbook by Vicky Grout

Grind London have released their AW15 lookbook shot by Vicky Grout which is titled ‘Everything Always’. As in I want it all, all of the time.

In a year where there has been a lot of nice minimalism and general tonal-ness, this is a whole hearted everything-at-maximum approach. As with the previous seasons there is a video to accompany the lookbook which appears to be set in a super yacht. This brings to mind questions about how they got on to a super yacht to film it, but ultimately who cares; it’s still a cool video. Either way it’s super luxury, much like the collection is super nice.

This attitude is typified in the ‘very expensive championship’ print sweat and touched upon with the ‘talk is cheap, polyester is cheaper’ print which goes on to t-shirts and hats. The rest of the collection is tasteful with three more graphic prints adding to the line up along with the usual street wear staples with an especially bout it bout it little martini glass motif on a pair of sweat pants.

Available at Grind London.

Grind_London_AW15_141 Grind_London_AW15_151 Grind_London_AW15_181 Grind_London_AW15_201 Grind_London_AW15_161 Grind_London_AW15_131 Grind_London_AW15_121 Grind_London_AW15_111 Grind_London_AW15_101 Grind_London_AW15_81 Grind_London_AW15_71 Grind_London_AW15_61 Grind_London_AW15_51 Grind_London_AW15_41 Grind_London_AW15_31 Grind_London_AW15_21

Seth Footring

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