5 RnB songs to listen to right now


5. THEY – Motley Crue. Now this is a pretty epic track if I ever did hear. A mix of rnb, trap and rock the haunting drop and vocals on this track will never fail to make the head nod. With Zane Lowe premièring their new track Working For It with Zhu and Skrillex, these guys are about just about ready to pop here in the UK. The duos recently released EP Nu Religion has been favoured all over the blogs and are certainly a movement you’ll want to be investing in.

2. Sevdaliza – Men Of Glass ft. Rome Fortune. This tune is somewhat of a beautiful enigma. With sounds of old Bjork and Portishead mixed with a Chance The Rapper style artist who goes by the name of Rome Fortune, you really can’t ignore how epic and progressive this track sounds. Rotterdam born beauty Sevdaliza and Atlanta running Fortune make the perfect combination for a wickedly haunting piece that is hard to put any genre on. One to truly watch with the EP Children Of Silk expecting to drop literally any minute now.

3. SPZRKT – Blind Man. Now if you’re a frequenter of the Tumblr and Soundcloud realms you may already be familiar to the vocals of Spzrkt. From the label STRT TRBL (pronounced Straight Terrible) these Florida reigning group supply the world with both vibes and clothing. This track has all the sweet nothings heard on any great Robin Thicke track so if you’re looking for a little shmoozin’ then this is the way forward, yeah you’re welcome.

4. Nao – Bad Blood. Nao sounds like a really sexy robot that I want to get to know. Do not be fooled by the song title, this is not a Taylor Swift cover so chill your bones. With her futuristic instrumentals and samples that sound real similar to those samurai robots in Afro Samuri, her young Janet Jackson vocals confidently and emotionally flow on any given vibe. Peep the amazing new music video which has just dropped and support this London lass. Her next London gig is at Heaven on 3rd Dec.

5. Tadafi – The Dip. Relatively new to the game, London living Yaki Tadafi always impresses with his smooth RnB vocals and suave flow. His most recent track, produced by GLXY.P is great chillout listening with sounds similar to those currently ringing through the streets of Toronto. If you like PartyNextDoor and Majid Jordan then Tadafi is for you. His EP FLEEMO will be out in the next few weeks and features tracks you will really not want to miss out on if you’re into your rnb. A real UK progressive artist rising up in the game. Listen here on Soundcloud to hear more of his work and don’t forget the drop on Saturday.

Alice Razack

Alice Razack (Al Raz) is a freelance fashion & music writer having written for well known magazines both online and print such as The Metro, Vice Magazine, Don't Panic, Sick Chirpse & Viper Magazine.

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