The perfect notebooks for Coca-Cola fanatics

Coca-Cola Moleskine 01

You’re either Coca-Cola or Pepsi. It’s just one of those things. For those who find themselves on Team Coca-Cola, good news – Moleskine just announced this limited edition Coca-Cola set.

Think what you will of the drink, it’s an icon. From it’s globe-spanning domination to it’s bottle design and branding, Coca-Cola is something that is instantly recognisable. With that in mind, Moleskine have gone out of their way to embody some of those iconic elements and nostalgic qualities into this collection, including the use of retro paper straw detailing and a cut-out of that lovable glass bottle.

For us, the other bits and bobs including the illustrations and stickers fall by the wayside, but who could compete with the powerful visuals of that bottle or typography?

The limited edition Coca-Cola x Moleskine collection is available now through the Moleskine store and select stockists.

Coca-Cola Moleskine 02 Coca-Cola Moleskine 03 Coca-Cola Moleskine 04 Coca-Cola Moleskine 05 Coca-Cola Moleskine 06 Coca-Cola Moleskine 07 Coca-Cola Moleskine 08

Alex Synamatix

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