New Kiran Kai mixtape — Trips

Kiran Kai

There isn’t much background I can provide you with when it comes to Kiran Kai, but what I can inform you on is that their 7 track mixtape entitled Trips has just dropped on Soundcloud and it’s absolutely insane.

I picked up on Kiran Kai after their well received release of the beautiful track Drift ft. Carla which did the rounds on all the blogs and music sites, definitely one for the Ipod. But since then they’ve been somewhat ghost-mode somewhere around SE London and even took to deleting their FB fan page, making me lose all hope of another release. However, in the last ten hours it seems like it’s back up again so that’s cool.

Now it seems they’re back and literally every single track is a masterpiece. With clear inspiration from the Eastern world, these tracks feature deep, earthy and soul quivering beats mixed in with melodic dreamscape vocals. The Asian exotic samples mixed with the tumblr, chopped up 808’s mood is simply a piece of art that deserves a round of applause.

Follow KiranKai here on Instagram and have a listen for yourself.
The mixtape also includes the great Fwdslxsh, Bdrsk, Jordan Rakei & Cfad.

Alice Razack

Alice Razack (Al Raz) is a freelance fashion & music writer having written for well known magazines both online and print such as The Metro, Vice Magazine, Don't Panic, Sick Chirpse & Viper Magazine.

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