Spotlight: NikeLab ACG HO15 collection

NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 01

Creative Direction: TDS agency
Photography: Mehdi Lacoste
Set Design: Louis Gibson

Working with photographer Mehdi Lacoste and set designer Louis Gibson, we put the new NikeLab ACG HO15 collection in fittingly space age surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the core foundations of the new ACG, we wanted to bring to life the ideals of innovation, futurism, and lifestyle that NikeLab ACG embodies – or as NikeLab word it, “a new frontier”. For a collection that is designed to withstand the elements and environments of the city, we decided to surround it with the elements that go into creating a city, from concrete reinforcing grids made out of steel, to solid blocks of concrete, we wanted to present the raw elements and sharp angles of some of our favourite city architecture in a way reminiscent of the futurist and surrealist painters, or the 1980s idyllic perception of a possible future. After all, what is ACG other than an idyllic project within Nike to manufacture urban clothing for the future, now.

At the heart of this collection is a focus on Errolson Hugh’s unique knowledge of fit for mobility, as well as Nike and GORE-TEX®’s knowledge of materials for comfort, mobility, and endurance. These are elements we draw your attention to within the images, whether it’s the curves of the sleeves, the use of tonal 3M branding, or the GORE-TEX® weatherproofing. ACG has always been and remains about the details, creating a collection that boldly faces the elements. Talking of details, here’s a quote lifted straight from one of the garments that highlights that bold self-belief…


You can shop the HO15 NikeLab ACG collection now over at and in-store at NikeLab 1948 London.

NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 02 NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 03 NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 04 NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 05 NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 06 NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 07 NikeLab ACG AW15 by TDS agency 08