KR3W team up with Fergadelic for new collection

KR3W Fergadelic Collection 05

Photography: Sam Travis

Fergus Purcell, better known as Fergadelic, is a well-known name amongst the skate and fashion communities. Having designed for Palace, Silas, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith and even Daft Punk, his reputation is well deserved. Here we see KR3W enlist his talents for a raw capsule collection.

I remember when KR3W first surfaced in the skate scene, spearheaded by one of the best of all time and a UK legend, Tom Penny. I can’t help but feel that since it’s inception KR3W kinda ventured off-path a little, running the risk of becoming an “outdoor adventure” brand, toying dangerously with those outback aesthetics that the more punk side of skate has always enjoyed (think Jamie Thomas and plaid shirts). Don’t get me wrong, it was probably a good thing that they left the world of fake diamond encrusted logo t-shirts in the past (yes, I owned that one and I have photo evidence), the kind that the OG Chad Muska would have loved, but I couldn’t help but feel that in recent years a newcomer wouldn’t be too out of line to presume they were a camping brand.

Here we see Fergadelic bring back some of that skate edge to KR3W. It’s still a great brand that has a great team – Chewy Cannon, Ellington, Lizard King, Penny etc. – so it’s nice to see a collection that looks a bit more in keeping with where skating actually is. especially over here in the UK, and where it came from. It’s nice to see something a bit creatively raw back in the mix.

In all honesty, I haven’t paid close attention to what KR3W have been up to for a while now, but this has grabbed my attention and is certainly a large step in the right direction for the brand. Let’s hope it’s a sign for things to come across the board from KR3W.

The collection drops this month at Slam City Skates, Note, Route One, and Endemic.

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Alex Synamatix

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